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[su_heading]Pendant Lights – loving you… is easy cause you’re beautiful![/su_heading]

 “Up Up light” designed by Emily Green and Dale Hardiman, $249.


I thought I would share “3 simple rules” that I follow in order to choose a great pendant-light to suit a particular interior space well. Pendant-lights have two important purposes- one from a lighting point of view and the other decorative.

No 1. It is really important to know your interior space inside-out before you commit to buying a pendant. I know, impulse buying is so, so fun but definitely best avoided in this instance. I believe a pendant- light should sit beautifully within a space and it should talk to its decor surroundings in some way! The easiest way to get to know a space well is to simply draw it – roughly sketch the shapes of your walls, doors, windows, tables, chairs, lounges, bench-tops, cupboards and artworks and how they exist spatially to one another. Also highlight which items are currently the stars of your space – meaning those that attract attention and pull focus compared to other decor items that don’t. Lastly, consider where extra light is needed within your space!

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 presetBy knowing where your decor items sit spatially and visually, you will also discover the negative and unused spaces within your landscape. These “negative spaces” are indeed possible considerations to hang your pendant… as are doors, hallways, above-tables or bench-tops because they require light.

No 2. Decide whether you want your pendant to be the star focus or to sit subtly and more softly inside your space. To be able to do this well, it is important to consider the tones and textures of your chosen pendant-light. Opposing textures and tones will make a pendant-light really pop from its environment and clear glass /wall tones can make it a less important decor-accessory. The strength of the light globe also adds to this! Using your sketch – roughly colour code the tones of your space so that your able to choose your pendant purposely and wisely to do one of these two things.

Himmeli Light Diamond Pendant by Penselinos on Etsy

No 3. Lastly consider shape and size. Refer back to your sketch and identify what shapes you currently have in your space already. If you seem to have quite a few rectangles or squares already – choose a pendant-light in an alternate shape like diamond or sphere. *A variety of shapes included in your space will make your room feel more balanced. 

I hope that you have found these rules helpful – you best go out and buy that pendant light now :-).

Rachael x



8 Responses so far.

  1. Great tips Rach, and I adore that home office space pictured.

  2. Jill Corbett says:

    I enjoyed reading your tips! Thank you. x

  3. lovelove the pendant in the last pic. great tips. xx

  4. Do you know I do not own one single pendant light. I want one, actuallyI want a few, but I do need an electrician to install them dont i? xx

    • Rachael says:

      Yes! you need a electrician – such a bummer that Sonia! It should only take them the hour however they usually charge a driving / travel- time fee too so works out to be around a two hour job. Yes so not cheap and then you need to hope they don’t date too quickly. Def a allot to factor in with pendants. Have a super lovely week gorgeous! Xx

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