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A dreamy kind of bargain!




I had the strangest dream last night… do bear with me it’s totally G rated! I dreamt I was cleaning a stranger’s house whilst wearing nude-coloured platforms and sporting a beautiful lime- green vintage dress?? It’s most peculiar because I haven’t worn vintage clothes since my early twenties. This is mostly because I’m boring now ;-0 and for climate/ practicality reasons. Lastly whilst I am passionate about styling people’s houses… I must confess that I’m not overly excited about the cleaning side of things.

Offcourse, I am by no means a Dream-Interpreter but for many reasons I’m thinking that maybe certain characteristics about making over this stool surfaced in my dream. Or… maybe I just need to purchase myself a lime- coloured vintage dress for the summer?? Shopping anyone? 



This stool didn’t always look this lovely. However, it was quite the bargain, priced at only $4. Seriously, I knooooow!



 You can see its original style above; it was a dark and awkward kind of looking vintage-piece which might explain the $4 tag- ish… I immediately sanded back the bench top and feet to its original “nude-coloured wood” ;-). I then painted its body in Dulux “Green Frost”; I am a fan of this particular shade because like a vintage- green colour it’s not overly minty and not too yellow toned either.


Do you have any projects on the go right now? Would love to hear about them!

Rach xx

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  1. Kathy says:

    What a beautiful transformation. Love the color!

  2. Jennelise says:

    Beautiful! I love the colour you chose! I think every dream should be interpreted as ‘go out and buy yourself a pretty dress’ 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

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