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Styling and Photography by Rachael Honner

[su_heading]NURTURE A NOOK[/su_heading]

Sonia from Life Love and Hiccups wrote a gorgeous post this week, which was all about arming oneself for winter. In a nutshell, it focused on intentionally looking after yourself during those tricky winter-y month’s that are often more mentally and physically challenging to stay healthy and happy. It was just one of those posts that made oodles of sense to me… you too can read it here if you would like!

As some of you already know, I am quite passionate about the psychology of styling and how it can improve our day to day happiness… Sonia’s post got me thinking about those homely nooks or pockets of the home that naturally evoke calm and serenity. Do you have one of those area’s at your home? Is it the type of space that allows you to nurture yourself or snuggle up with a great book or magazine? This winter, I am going to reward myself with my own nurture nook – I plan to purposefully inject a little love into a specific area of our new home (yes, we’ve sold and bought another); thinking this could be a quiet corner literally anywhere that will use the following design attributes;

[su_heading]5 TIPS TO CREATE A NURTURE NOOK[/su_heading]

  1. a cosy throw or mini textured rug as textures can enhance feelings of cosy and calm
  2.  cushions of varying shapes because a well balanced space uses a variety of shapes which create harmony
  3. a source of light from the sun filtering-in through a window or a lamp so that I can read 
  4. A small coffee table of sorts so that I can drink Tea or gulp down a cheeky wine and lastly
  5. it will most likely have a blanky or two because I am an absolute frog in the winter.


Thought that I’d also share the following images to potentially inspire a touch of warmth and cosyness at your home too; If you do zhoosh up a cosy-nook at your place perhaps you could share your pic’s on instagram? We could tag them #nurturenook . Sonia also had some gorgeous tips to beat the winter doldrums so if you use her suggestions maybe we could help spread the word and share and tag those pics to #armingyourself …. as they are cute ways to encourage us to be more deliberately kind and nurturing to ourselves (and I’m sure Sonia would not mind us doing so at all!).


The above image sources are as per image links provided.

Have a lovely weekend, we’re nearly there dears!


13 Responses so far.

  1. Sandra Kelly says:

    Oh those nurture nooks are to.die.for. I want them all!!! Yes, too greedy I know, but… sigh… curl me up in them. Inspiration much Xx

  2. Kathy says:

    I love these photos and your tips. I missed Sonia’s post for some reason so am off to check it out. I have created a ‘nurture nook’ in our large bedroom – we have a snowy forest scene mural on the wall and I have an armchair and a little yoga/meditation shrine. My desk is on the opposite wall and it feels like my space. Nice to discover your blog.

    • Rachael says:

      Hi Kathy, I’ve never been a winter – person myself (it’s my least favourite season) so her post just made so much sense to me. Lovely to meet you and really glad you liked my tips!

    • Rachael says:

      P.s Kathy – your special space sounds amaze. If ever you photograph it, would love to see it on Instagram some time!

  3. Katie says:

    Gorgeous images and tips. We don’t really have a ‘winter’ where I live, but I can still make spaces cozy with cushions, natural light and cotton throws. I do miss the wintery wooly textures though!

  4. Thank you!!!! It’s funny, my home hasn’t been feeling quite right lately and you just made me realise it’s because for various reasons all my nooks have disappeared. I’m now on a mission to create a #nuturenook or two x

  5. Oh hun – thank you. I do not mind at all – in fact I am so beyond chuffed and I absolutely love the idea of a #nurturenook and #armingyourself hashtag. I love creating a nook, a place I can escape to and give a little back to myself for a while. Thank you so much for finding a way to make it a part of my every day life. xx

  6. Maxabella says:

    Just the word ‘nook’ is cosy and comforting. I love that the ‘psychology of styling’ is so top of mind for you, Rachael. It’s so important. For me, purpose comes first, then function, then looks. I think that’s how I feel about people too… 🙂

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