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Just a quick blog post from me this week. As a rule, I rarely do before and after shots with the Property Styling work that I do. This is because I’m usually very preoccupied with the styling – job ahead of me and it’s just not something I naturally think of.

I also think it’s important to highlight that I’m not wanting to focus on “the negatives” with this “BEFORE SHOT”. Families with young children need comfort / practicality and perfection isn’t always needed to make a home a wonderful place to be! It’s important to remember that living- in and selling homes are two very different things. Also remember that the “BEFORE SHOT” is a quick iPhone snap and the “AFTER” a professional photograph; they too have very different approaches and therefore different outcomes.




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This was a partial stage, where I worked with my clients existing furniture. My client had some great pieces of furniture scattered throughout their large home. This made my job relatively easy because I knew certain items would look better placed in other areas of the home and I then hired key pieces that I knew would bring out the best in these decor items. The key to a successful PARTIAL STAGE is a pre sale consult where I get to know your home and its contents. I also had “declutter suggestions” along with a suggested list of unusable items that needed to be moved / stored elsewhere because we would not need.

I ponder many design elements when I do a Partial Stage, for example new, old, shape, colour, texture, space and design. This was a mini-style, I would have loved to have had more time with the finer details but overall I was really happy with how this stunning home looked.

I hope your having a lovely week!