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Here are 7 super – easy things you can do to improve any room in your home:

  • Decorate your room with greenery from the garden. Foraged greenery is fabulous and free. Pop it into a vase and place it on a table. Your greenery will last longer than bought flowers and will smell divine.


  • Brutally consider your room’s colour palate. I realise this is a tough one because we all have items that are super great but do not necessarily work with the rest of our décor. My rule of the thumb is that most decor item’s can be blended if the right pop’s of colours have been introduced however if this is going to make the room feel too cluttered; it is best to be removed. If you’re lucky and you own a large home maybe this piece can be relocated elsewhere?? 


  • Hide the elephant in the room – If you’re stuck with a rather large item and it cannot be removed right now, why not hide it with fabric, decorate or paint it? For whatever reasons sometimes we own household items that aren’t exactly perfect and I think that’s ok. Sometime’s we need to find ways to make these work or look less noticeable. Buy a good few metres of bleached or natural calico – enough to drape over the item, hem the edges and decorate it with your favourite fancy cushions. I guarantee it will look absolutely gorgeous! If drapes cannot fix this rather large issue maybe it’s an item that you can use as a bench to house flowers, antique glass bottles or artworks??


  • Hang a piece of art or create a wall vignette. There are really are so many easy options for us to hang our artworks or trinkets on walls now days and it’s much less complicated than we think. The 3M hooks are great for light weight pieces and are perfect for renters or people who have asbestos walls – being a post-war home owner I am actually an expert on this particular subject. There are lots of options for gyprock walls too – simply talk to your friendly hardware store about the easiest methods available. *I think the most important thing is to make sure you do not hammer or screw into an area where there are electrical wires although power points and lights are usually a big hint / evidence of this so do be cautious. My point is – you can do this!
  • Sew your own unique cushion. Choose a great fabric – and sew yourself a fancy cushion. It will take you about 30minutes in total and it will be a stand out piece because no one else will have it! There is nothing worse than buying a gorgy cushion and it turns out that 20 other people on Instagram/ Pinterest have that exact same cushion already. I recently spotted some like-minded belongings of mine on “The Block” and I actually heard one of the judge’s point to it and say “Cliché”… Hmm perhaps guilty as charged but lucky we don’t need to follow everything they say on “The block”- do we??


  • Decorate or freshen your existing room with an op shop find. We often hear that our homes should be filled with a mixture of low and high end wares. I too believe that when we achieve this balance – decor – magic really can happen! So if you too are looking for magic?? – get friendly with your local thrift store and find a few gems. Some of my dearest finds have been from op shops and it’s a relatively inexpensive way to source wares.


  • Buy a pot plant and pop it on a stool or bench. Plants give a room an instant décor boost! They are great to detoxify the air you breathe and add wow factor to any room. Plants look great in numbers or one by one – they also look particularly great hung on a wall. You can visit this post here if you would like to learn how to hang a plant on your wall.

Maybe you too have some ideas to add to this list? Do feel free to share in the comments below.

Rachael xx


7 Responses so far.

  1. Great post Rach and beautiful photos. I love the photo wall vignette, am thinking about doing something like this down my hallway.

    • Rachael says:

      Thanks Yvette – love being able to use my #7vignettes photos for my blog posts even if its an abstract sort of way. Its much more satisfying than using photos which aren’t mine. Love a photo wall vignette – look forward to seeing it hon xx

  2. Do you know I actually went out and brought each of my boys a plant for their room because of you and I told them Rach told me to 😉 I am going to go and cast a critical eye around my home now and see what I can cull or move 🙂 xx

    • Oh Sonia – that makes smile so huge darling lady!!! I best go out and buy some plants for my boys too… fancy thinking I would remove the toxins from our bedroom and not theirs. I never even thought – fab idea, love it Sonia!! xx

  3. Love this post Rach, fabulous tips for the home & I am a big fan of plants in bedrooms & all over the house… XX

  4. Ashley Minck says:

    Love this post! Doesn’t have to be a major room makeover to really switch things up!

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