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Renovation shows like The Block, House Rules and Reno Rumble seem to be a “real thing” on our tv’s once again – I personally do not mind this as interiors are my passion and they interest me greatly. What I like most about renovation shows is that they show us successful and NOT – SO successful examples of interior styling / decorating. And I think this is wonderful for our industry because whether people are aware of it or not, it gets a range of people indirectly or directly thinking and talking about the relationship between styling, making things cosy and therefore happier. As outlined in Styling, Stigma and keeping a healthy mind – I do believe there is a direct correlation between these things!

In my opinion, a great room is rarely about being filled with the latest hip-hop and happening bedroom buys – although key pieces are ABSOLUTELY wonderful! I believe the magic of a beautifully styled room lies in simply getting the following elements “just right” so I thought that I’d share my top eight bedroom styling – basics with you;

[su_heading size=”17″]MY TOP EIGHT BEDROOM BASICS[/su_heading]

1. Define a Colour Palette

A well chosen colour palette will always be jaw- droppingly good; it can also be VERY forgiving of most furniture styles should these not be peachy perfect in your room right now. Cushions, duvet, throws, lamps, pendants and artworks are a great ways to introduce colour!

2. Add a rug

Rugs add warmth to bedrooms, they also help ground and unite the furniture. Whilst rules are meant to be broken, rugs in bedrooms are best used in the following simple ways;

*A large rug under the bed with a decent sized over hang (say 20″ approximately, a little less will still look ok)

*You can use a smaller rug at the south end of a bed as long as it’s wider than your actual bed-width and it has a purpose (perhaps a chair, lounge or small group of items sit on it). Alternatively a smaller rug to the side with a side table or a lounge on top works too! If you have a really big space to fill, both of these ideas would look great!

*Round rugs also help assist with creating a balance/ variety of shapes in the bedroom, which helps achieve great shape/ spatial harmony.

3. Lamp or Pendant

A great lamp or pendant will always pull focus and help illuminate a room at mid – range level which is going to add depth and warmth to your space. Decide whether you are going for a balanced look with pendants/ lights on both sides of your bed or a more casual looking style with only one lamp / pendant (which is my preferred). Using just one lamp or pendant allows me to use a plant or an interesting accessory on the other side table which helps keeps things less predictable.

4. Complimentary Artwork or mirror

A great artwork should be something that inspires you and has thoughtful correlation between your chosen colour palette. Artworks need to be hung on the wall well- they are best viewed at eye level and if there is more than one artwork, make sure there is a good spatial relationships between these. Be mindful of artworks that try to be bedheads – life still needs to be comfortable, you also don’t want to feel like your artworks are at risk of being damaged every time you sit-up in bed. I have discovered through my consults that hanging artworks is a tricky area for many.

5. Varying Textures

Mix up your textures so that you simply use a range of fabric styles through your rug, duvet, cushions and throw. This will add warmth, depth and interest to your room especially in winter.

6. Side Table

I recommend having at least one side table to frame your bed. They are also great for storage, accessories, books, plants and lamps. A sidetable need not always be a “traditional sidetable” as chairs, suitcases and stools look great too.

7. Opposites

A mix of old and new accessories adds soul to a room. Too many new and on-trend elements can make a room uneventful. A mix keeps a room really interesting!

8. Choose three items to be the stars of your room

Choose three great items that are eye catching! These work particularly well especially if they share a triangle type spatial relationship within a room – like a pendant, artwork and cushion naturally would. Then view your other items as being your support team. 

 Perhaps you have a bedroom basic that you would like to share with us? Do tell me below. 


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