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Last week, I wrote a post called¬†5 Podcasts That Grabbed My Attention and Why¬†–¬†I also mentioned that¬†I’d been inspired by Gretchen Rubin’s podcast called Happier.¬†For those that don’t know already, Happier is a really cute podcast that talks about everything to do with being¬†happy.¬†It has motivated¬†me¬†to¬†share 8 Interior Styling¬†Tips – that I use and recommend to make things¬†happier at home. These¬†are not overly complicated suggestions and perhaps you do some of these simple actions at¬†your home already? Here are my tips;

  • No 1. LET THE SUNLIGHT & AIR FLOW¬†INSIDE. Open blinds, windows and doors so that fresh air and light can flow¬†inside your home. Fresh air will improve the quality of the air you breath and is really important¬†Feng shui (Chi Energy) for the home. Natural light will also make a¬†home feel less -gloomy and adds warmth in an Eco – friendly way.¬†


  • No 2. HANG A MIRROR¬†– this is one that I often recommend to my clients! Mirrors add light and definition to spaces.¬†They also¬†give the illusion of space beyond the realms of the existing walls so things feel less 2 dimensional and more spacious. Lastly mirror’s also reflect¬†a point of view and can decorate walls,¬†like artworks do.
  • No 3. MAKE YOUR BED. This is one of Gretchen Rubin’s¬†tips and I too agree that making your¬†bed each day can make you¬†feel happier. Think about how many times you walk in and out of your bedroom … if your bed is¬†beautifully made with a simple cushion; it will make you feel happy and organised even if the latter is NOT true. It also¬†makes our partners think that we’re kind of super – duper – organised, even though, that’s¬†NOT necessarily true.
  • No 4. DECORATE WITH FLOWERS OR GREENERY. Being around flowers and nature in general will make us feel more – happy. As a weekly ritual, I will often pick greenery from our garden or buy myself a bunch of¬†flowers… I usually pop these on our kitchen bench or centre them over our¬†dining table. It’s my way of rewarding myself with a little kindness.
  • No 5. BUY A PLANT. Plants help us breath and purify our air, they also look great in any room and will NEVER date like other accessories will.


  • No 6. FLUFF UP YOUR CUSHION’S¬†– for me personally, this is similar task to making your bed. If my¬†cushions are fluffed up and looking proud… I will feel like my house is tidy, even though it’s¬†NOT.
  • No 7. PUT THE BREAKFAST DISHES AWAY. You might be¬†wondering¬†what cleaning – duties have to do with¬†styling? I think everything¬†because they allow you to simply enjoy a space in an uncluttered way. It’s¬†not about trying to make things¬†look “picture perfect”; its more about¬†feeling less grumbly and being able to¬†enjoy the purity of a¬†space when you¬†return from work each day!
  • No 8. DECORATE YOUR HOME WITH TREASURES¬†– these could be handmade goods, well traveled collections or little artworks that have a¬†special – sentimental value. These simple things will make you smile and perhaps reminisce about wonderful times.

Do you have any styling tips or tasks that make you feel happier each day? Do share with us…

Rachael x

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