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Colour tones derived from nature

I adore working with colour palette’s derived from nature- I think this is mostly because I feel confident, that nature rarely gets it wrong. I have found for me personally- being  “A stylist” and “not being an Interior designer”, it is my preferred way to work with colours in decor. I am naturally drawn to natural tones with added pops of colour and will admit it’s one of my comfort zones!

Nature as your guide

I automatically think of the beautiful teal colours of the ocean where it meets the blue sometimes- white shades of the horizon and also the sandy- white tones of the beach… all of those colours look amazing together and complement each other so beautifully. I think that’s why coastal themed houses remain so ever popular- their style extends beyond the realms of fashions styles, they are reinvented over and over and people really just love to replicate that calm found in all of those beautiful beach-y tones.  I sigh, beach houses can be so very lovely aren’t they?

“Real Colours” App

I recently purchased “Real Colours” which is an android app, that actually produces a colour palate for you based on a photograph- it can be a photograph of anything!. It automatically chooses colour schemes for you based on colour theory rules such as complementary, monochromatic, analogous, shades, triad, tetrad and split complementary. Needless to say I love, love, love it and as far as colour- design packages go it makes light work of sending a colour pallet suggestion to a potential client! Once again, no this is not a sponsored post, I just really like the app and thought I might share it with you.

Colours derived from photographs of nature

Here are a few pallets that I have produced from photographs that I have taken. I love these hues!


I love the mid-range tones (the dusty pink, white and charcoal) of the above palette!


I especially love the pallet above because it is from my all-time favourite beach- it is called Trial Bay and is situated on the mid north coast- it has been dear to me since I was a child. Imagine being able to design an entire room based on the actual tones of your some of your favourite places or views from your most memorable holidays??… I like it allot!


I do love all of these pink and green tones together too. They are just so gorgeous!


More Coastal tones- Are you feeling calm??

final_bstSnapshot_61489 (2)

I love the pale green and grey tones of the flannel flower!



How do you like to choose a colour pallet for your decor choices? Do you start with a fav colour and build on it from there? Or do you like to stick with a pallet that you know well and trust is a sure winner?

Rach xx


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  1. What a brilliant app! For me I tend to go with colours that I feel something for… that sounds weird doesnt it. but they change from season to season. I like a neutral base and then I pick colours that stir some sort of positive emotion in me for whatever reason.xx

    • No it sounds perfect sense to me! I too love neutrals but use pops of colour from nauture-y shades that inspire… I agree, colours definitely need to inspire/ mean- speak something to you. Rach xx

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