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A fresh start



I found this lovely basket-y/ tray thrifting this morning and thought it best come home with me. Something about it’s rustic style kind of spoke to me and I think it will be a useful one for the props cupboard! I gave it a clean and thought I would do a quick vignette specifically for my very first post over here on the new website ;-).

On that note, a big welcome…. just between you and I things are by no means perfect over this way; hmm quite pear shaped and somewhat looking like a work in progress in more places than I had initially wanted. Having said that I think I am ok with that and I am hoping that “word press” will continue to grow on me and I will enjoy using it more!  Anyhoo, I am excited about this fresh new start and the creative plans I have for my blog over here and I do hope that you will bear with me during this early-stage.

Mwa to you for visiting
Rach xx


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  1. *peeking around* am I too early? Nope look at you all set up in your fancy new home. Congratulations hun – it looks fabulous and I LOVE what youve done with the place hehe. Looking forward to following you here from now on xx

    • Noooooo your most welcome here honey and thankyou!!!. There are things here that I like/ not like and sorting it all out can be very tricky… not as much freedom as blogger (which I will miss) but definitely more consistent as far as platforms go. Looking forward to shaping it all and adding a few more portfolio shots when they are finished…. so love that you visited 😉

  2. It’s scary moving but you’ll be right. xx

    • Thanks Kylie… getting used to a Home page is scary for sure! Glad I’m here now though and looking forward to making myself at home if that makes any sense. So touched you popped by hon! Rach xx

  3. Cas says:

    Hey Rach
    The new site looks great. I know it’s a bit weird moving websites, just be thankful you didn’t do it in a highly emotional state and lose nearly two years worth of posts like I did lol! Onward and upward 🙂
    Cas x

    • admin says:

      Thanks Cas. Oh really, did you… is there a way of getting any of it back? That’s Heartbreaking! yes, onwards and upwards is the only way… chuffed you popped by xxo

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