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A photograph tells a story about a home and its owners


[su_heading]RICH IN BEAUTY AND HISTORY![/su_heading]


Some of you may remember this picture from last week’s post “Cottage Ruin’s from the Yorke Peninsula“. There was something about this kitchen image that I truthfully felt deserved a quick post of its own – mostly so you too could appreciate its finer details up close. I personally love every scratchy, falling off wall detail and you learn so much about the personal style of the owner’s too.

There is such rich vibrant history here – the vintage green and blue tones are very sweet and reminiscent of a bygone era. And I think that vintage -floral – wallpaper is really kind of special too! I also adore the large wooden window frames and the way they shape the outside landscape so beautifully – like a picture frame or a piece of art on a wall. I bet the owners of this home really treasured looking out at this view, whilst doing their dishes each day. Box window frames are very common in Adelaide architecture; how I would love them in my home too!

I would imagine this home would have been very hard to leave- not just the house but its memories too.

Rachael x

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