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An appearance in Fete Press Magazine


It’s not every week that the Queen of all the stylist’s wants you to create an artwork for one of her editorial shoots. It was for a piece on high and low end styling for Fete Press magazine, feel my style is very much about working with high and low end pieces and making the most out of the little things one already owns so naturally I said yes! The editorial- piece was also weaved into The School’s – Styling Prac and Publish course – which must have been so fun – imagine seeing one of the best in the business, work her magical way in the reals. 

Even with a misbehaving / slightly jet-lagged pom pom – my artwork looks so adorably styled. Thankyou Megan Morton! Next time, my note to self will be to cover all basis and make two artworks as always best to provide stylist’s with options. Sorry Megan –  I do absolutely love your colorful work and so great to be part of such creative goodness!!

I do hope you have had an absolutely lovely week too!  

Rachael x

P.s The spring edition of Fete Press Mag is an absolute stunner – you will love! Rx

4 Responses so far.

  1. Congrats Rachael, I adore your artwork. You are so clever and what an absolute honour to work with the best in the business and appear in Fete Magazine. Keep smiling xo

  2. Rachael says:

    Thanks Yvette – I am a little squee – chuffed. Have a gorgeous day lady!!

  3. OMG squuuueeeeeal how flipping exciting you talented chick. And this is only the beginning I just know it! 🙂 xx

  4. You are such a lovely dear supportive mate. Thankyou dearly! xx