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Anthropologie Inspo and Travel Goals

Double Perryman Sconce by Anthropologie. I have my I eye on this wall sconce for my kitchen because I think it would look at home there.

I started my styling business moons ago now. One of the goals that I wanted to achieve from running my own business was to take my family on a trip overseas. I’ve been saving my pennies with this one goal in mind. I particularly wanted to show my two boys and husband Ben, New York City. New York has inspired me so much as a person and a creative. And I’ve wanted them to experience that too.

With my eldest boy high-speed peddling into his teenage years;  I think this year is perfect timing and we plan to head over later this year. I am so looking forward to showing my boys that there’s a whole wide world out there, beyond their Samford, Ashgrove and Brisbane villages. These villages are hugely important but as a parent it’s been really important for me to help them see a more – global picture of our world. I have a whole bunch of places I’d like to show them oneday!

So whilst I should be spending my time planning and organising our trip, I found myself drooling over on Anthropologie this morning. I’m thinking it would be lovely to bring our home a souvenir or two from here. So I thought I’d share some of this inspiration, here with you too.

Have you any long term goals that involve travel? Dreams, goals – what ever you wish to call them are so, so, good to have. Grown-up acquisitions like mortgages, cars and school fees can often make them feel unachievable for big adult blouses like myself however do stick with them. Hard work and discipline can definitely make good things happen. I’m feeling so blessed to do what I love and earn money at the same time.


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Tumbling Diamonds Curtain by Anthropologie

Oakbrook Shower Curtain by Anthropologie


Anchored Orb One – Arm Sconce by Anthropologie

Fela Tasseled Chandelier by Anthropologie

Ruvima Mirror by Anthropologie

Velvet Cardiff Sectional by Anthropologie