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Bedroom Re-style/ Colour Correction



[gn_heading style=”1″]Putting the Icing on the Cake [/gn_heading]


Can I just say that styling other people’s homes truly makes my heart sing… on that very passionate note, I thought I would share a re-style that I completed last week.

This lovely bedroom belongs to a holiday home- it’s a modern style home about 8 years old. The main bedroom in particular needed a lift; as you can see from the picture below- it was already a beautiful bedroom- it had good bones and a decent ensemble. However the original crème- ochre tones of the duvet and the natural tones of the bedroom/ cupboard ensemble were working against the green feature wall behind. For a main bedroom in a holiday home, it needed more- specifically in the areas of warmth and expression!



[gn_heading style=”1″]Invite the feature wall to the bedroom zhooshing party[/gn_heading]

I am sure every stylist has their own way of working that makes sense to them- my personal styling theory for feature-walls is that they look their best when there is some sort of conversation going on between them and the other decor items in the room- such as similar pops of colour-tones or mood. 


[gn_heading style=”1″]Simplicity and Style in Nature [/gn_heading]

I simply added some green and purple tones, a duvet cover, a throw and some plain coloured pillows. I also added some dried Banksia bush to the light fitting behind simply because it’s the simple details that give a space expression! Do you have any favourite styling rules that make sense to you? Do share with me; I would love to hear about them!

Rachael xx


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  1. Yvette says:

    Gorgeous Rach, I love your style, so different to my style that is why I admire it so much. I think I add to much stuff, but I love the pared back look.

  2. Its amazing how those accessories brought out the green in that wall Rachael. I love it!

    Anne xx

    • I love green too Anne… its just one of those colours that really speaks to me. It was my mothers fav colour too so have been around greens for a long time now ;-). So glad you popped by! Rach xx

  3. Its a great way to make over a room on a budget. I always advise my clients to change out the linen and get a few new cushions for a quick makeover to lift a room.

    Yours looks great.

    • I totally agree Carolyn! This was totally achieved on a budget- I sourced linen, cushions and a throw for this room but actually just flipped the duvet over for this re-style. The other side of the duvet happened to be this perfectly neutral colour and it was still in fabulous condition!

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