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A Coffee Sack Artwork


[gn_heading style=”1″]I have long been a fan of the humble coffee sack![/gn_heading]

I particularly love the colours, textures and imperfections you find on them. Each one is unique and has its own story to tell. I also love how their predominantly neutral tones match any kind of decor albeit modern, classic or heritage. Over on my old blog Hip Brown Things I even made deck chairs out of them! 

Here is a quick art work that I thought I would share; this one would brighten any wall… it costs very little to make and its super easy to do!


I buy my coffee sacks from Reverse Garbage; maybe you have something similar in your area?? I am always hunting for beautiful antique frames when I am out treasure hunting but you can use any type of frame; you could even paint it.  



I do think a coffee sack is artwork by itself and realistically you don’t need to do a great deal to them at all. In the right room a simple coffee sack- wall hanging would look quite fabulous too! I chose to mix my artwork up a little and decided to make a work/ collage that meant something to me. As you can see, I also made an inner frame for it too… I cut out 4 x pieces of the jute fabric to make a frame and simply sewed each of the corners on a diagonal. I snipped out a few words and numbers and used a very fine zig zag sewing- style to attach them. 



 I also painted my frame a very soft green just to make my natural and red colour tones really pop. One final tip that I can share with you is that coffee sacks are best aired and placed inside-out in the sun for a good week or so in order to eradicate any odours from its previous uses. I have tried washing them but unfortunately this changes the texture allot. You could possibly dry-clean but they do smell much better after a little while… trust me ;-). Do let me know if you decide to make one of these too; would love to see it!

Rach xx

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  1. They are terrific but I have not come across one yet in my vintage hunting travels. Yours looks lovely and I love those vintage frames.
    Loving your new page.

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