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Do you have a wall vignette in your home?? I do and it’s one of the first things our guests notice when they enter our home. I like to see the warmth it brings to their faces. 

For those of you, that don’t know what a wall vignette is… let’s start with a simple definition. There are many different meanings for the word “vignette”, so I do understand that it can be a tricky word to associate with decorating at home. That said, the following definitions made sense to me and I believe they will assist you too:

The definition of vignette

  • A vignette is a brief but powerful scene; I agree with this definition because good vignettes can be very captivating to see!
  • Groupings of decor objects that have a relationship to each other; Their qualities consider texture, pops of colour or complementing – colours, complementing shapes and sizes and theme.
  • Lastly a beautiful still life.


Sourced Image via Pinterest- A vignette of calming white neutrals

So, why would you consider having a wall – vignette at your house? See my simple answers below;

  • A wall vignette creates a mood 
  • A vignette is an easy and inexpensive way to add personality and character to your home. Our home is imperfect (it is yet to be renovated) and I feel the majority of its character has come from its wall – vignettes and styling. Wall Vignettes help overlook the imperfections of a home!
  • It can give your home a polished high end look – I wholeheartedly believe a wall vignette / vignette -display can suggest elegance and luxury in a very subtle and stylish way.
  • A wall vignette creates a view and it entertains its viewer. I think this is especially useful when your home lacks outlook!
  • They also add character and much needed definition to stark white walls.
  • A themed vignette has the potential to transport its viewer on a journey
  • Lastly, should you happen to be selling your home. Could a simple wall vignette potentially be your secret weapon to reel those buyers in? I personally would like to see more defined vignettes in property styling; I’m not at all suggesting that these need to be cluttered or excessive but more deliberate and considered formations to attract a specific buyersmarket.


Sourced Image via Pinterest- A formation of complimenting colours with pops of gold and varying textures

How do you create a good looking wall – vignette?? Well, here are 5 helpful tips to achieving a ridiculously good wall vignette for your home;

  • A mixture of low and high end decor items create vignette – magic; Imagine your wall vignette as an artwork, adding various layers of interest is important
  • A vignette should generally have at least three items. I find there is something about odd numbers that lend themselves quite nicely to wall vignettes
  • Complimentary and themed pops of colour help establish mood. Items of similar colour, grouped in triangles can give your wall vignette structure
  • Varying textures, shapes and themes can also add depth, story and character to your vignette.

* Tip- Mark out your space with bluetack / tape first – so that you can achieve a measured distance between each of your items.

Sourced image via Pinterest- A formation of vintage prints and drawings

If you would like more assistance on this topic, I wrote a more in depth version of creating wall – vignettes over on Houzz Au. It was a popular one, so was then published again over at Houzz – Ireland, you can find it here.













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