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The Creepy Side to Rapid Plant Movement


So who here knew that this bedroom plant of mine was kind of well.. creepy?? A more apt description would be “Cousin It” kind of creepy. Apparently Calathea Lancifolia – are “very sensitive” plants and are also known as The Rattlesnake Plant – I shall show you a quick example of its behaviour.

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Yes – it moves! It likes to open out in the early hours of the morning and then it closes-up in the late afternoon sun. Apparently scientists are still undecided as to why some plants do this exactly?? I am of the opinion that my plant simply enjoys the soft morning light and by afternoon it’s feeling a little pooped. *Word – Stylist and Scientist both start with the letter S – so I think practically same, same ;-).

 I think, if it just stuck to this simple routine I could quite easily live alongside this plant. However the random rustling of its limbs – leaves kind of freaks me out at the most in-opportune times like when I’m sleeping.  I have quite a creative imagination at the best of times therefore I’m not good with random rustling beside me in the middle of the night nor in the corner of our bedroom for that matter. One night it was so busy rustling that I thought we must have had a gecko in our room (yes that can happen in Queensland)…. It is kind of like having a pet or another child sleeping in your bedroom- nooooo!

Sometimes I will be looking at it and it will brazenly just move one leaf not just a few centimetres but a noticeable distance – I walk away seriously thinking that I am seeing things and if the truth be known I am seeing things! Lovely people I am thinking this sensitive plant is not for me – well not on my side table directly beside my bed and perhaps not in my bedroom at all. When I first purchased this plant – I wrote a post called How is your plant- life? – it’s funny to read because back then I really did rate this plant. Best be off to find a spot for this sensitive plant elsewhere in our home.

Rach xx

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  1. How interesting, something I’ve never known. I must take a look at my plants and see if they do the same. Love your pics Rach.

  2. Gorgeous girl, this post had tears running down my face…. you are hilarious!! Trust you to invite the cousin it of the plant world into your bedroom! It also sounds far too freaky for me & I agree, time to find another spot for this sociable plant & find yourself a more chilled out model for your bedside table! xx

    • Rachael says:

      I know Sam – I have learned the golden rule to plant buying “research! “. I feel sorry the next nursery guy that crosses my path I am going to have all sorts of questions. Very happy I made you laugh! Xx

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