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Decorating with weeds… seriously!


A quick post from me today… A dear friend of mine has come to stay with us- I adore her- so have picked these flowers to brighten her stay. I actually think these flowers are a type of weed that surfaced after our recent rains but I think they are beautiful gifts from nature. They are currently scattered throughout our suburb of Ashgrove by the dozens and look very sweet!

I like that literally any type of flowers-foliage from the garden can be be used inside the house to brighten a table, bedside-table or nook- cranny. I don’t think flowers have to be from the most expensive florist to make an impact or to make someone feel loved!


 Do you too like to bring the outdoors in? What do you have in your garden that you could bring inside?

Rachael xx


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  1. Sam says:

    I completely agree Rach – Love to forage for wildflowers, greenery, weeds… anything I can find in abundance rather than pay a fortune at the florists! Don’t get me wrong…. I love buying flowers from the florist but I just can’t afford to keep the house filled with fresh flowers & that is where my garden calls… another favourite trick is to use Rosemary & mint…. they look so pretty & make the house smell gorgeous too! Winner!! Sam xx

  2. Seriously if they are weeds then bring them on, they are so sweet xx

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