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Hip Brown Home – Wall Hanger and Ceramic letter “h” by Paper Boat Press



Are you feeling a little crafty today? If so – maybe you would like to make one of my “hanging plant holders”. I made our plant – holder a little while ago just after we had finished renovating our bathroom. I was wanting to decorate our new bathroom with some cute- organic type storage ideas but was struggling to find exactly what I wanted – so I made this holder idea up myself. It’s an easy tutorial to do so I thought it would be a good one to share – yes, you would be most welcome to share this post around or even make some for your friends.


  • A small pot-plant and plant – I chose a maiden hair fern however you could use any plant that enjoys the shade / indoors
  • You will need roughly 0.4 metres of Jute material and lastly
  • Pencil, Paper, Scissors, Measuring tape, Pins and Sewing Machine (alternatively you could choose to sew your holder by hand using a tight hem stitch).


  • Cut out a circle shape on paper – make sure you choose a circumference size about 3cm larger than the widest part of your pot plant. I simply traced around a medium sized vase. Using your measuring tape – measure around your vase so that you know the circumference of your circle and then add 3cm for a seam allowance (FYI- mine was 35cm + 3cm = 38cm).


  • Write this measurement down as you will need it in a lil minute.


  • Also measure the length of your pot-plant. Then multiply this number by 2 and add another 3cm for a seam allowance. For example, mine measured 9cm approximately (I simply did the following maths 9 x 2 + 3 = 21cm).


  • Pin your circle onto your Jute fabric and cut it out.
  • Also cut out a rectangle on paper that is 21cm by 38cm (This last measurement was the vase circumference measurement you recorded earlier with the added 3cm seam allowance). My rectangle was approximately 21cm by 38cm. Pin your rectangle onto your Jute fabric and cut it out.
  • Lastly cut out your plant holder handle on paper – this will be 21cm by 8cm. Pin your handle onto your Jute fabric and cut it out.

Well done – you have completed all the cutting- out for this project!


  • Pin the sides of your rectangle together.
  • Straight stitch and zig zag or over-lock edge.
  • Pin your Jute circle piece to the end of your holder.
  • Straight stitch around the circumference of your circle and zig zag /overlock the edge.
  • Hem the very top edge of your holder over neatly so that you cannot see a messy edge on either side.


  • Grab your handle piece and pin the edges of your handle inwards and under so that your handle measures about 2- 3cm wide.
  • Straight stitch a medium – length stitch neatly along both sides of your handle edges.IMG_1551-001
  • Grab your sewn holder and leaving it inside out – pin your handle strap down over the length of your holder-seam about 8cm along and stop.
  • Grab the other end of your handle and pin it to the seam of your circle edge. As you can see above there will be a huge gap in between!
  • Stitch down the 8cm of both sides of your handle strap and stop.
  • Stitch and zigzag over the circle end of your handle just at the very top.


  • Turn your pot-plant holder the right way around. Fold over a 6cm cuff approximately and your handle will reveal itself.

Don’t you just love a finished project!


Say a huge well done to self, hang and style!
Rachael xx


7 Responses so far.

  1. Zanni Louise says:

    They are really cute! And even better, look easy to make. I will have to try this one day x

    • Rachael says:

      Thankyou so much Zanni – lovely to meet you! They are easy to make -10/15mns max and do look sweet on the walls. Thanks for popping by Rachael

  2. And she does it again!! Love these and I can think of so many awesome uses for them. Officially on my project list – thanks chick xx

  3. Rachael says:

    Ooh can you show me your pics when they are done? I reckon you will do a fabulous job of these Sons xx

  4. Carla says:

    Love this idea. This green is a stunning shade x

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