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Door decor that makes your home feel cosy and loved

img_9929-3Ever since I was a child, I’ve had an affinity with door decorations. Back then, door hangings were hugely popular in Australia. Lol  they were used as a fashionable way to keep the flies away! I chuckle at this feature however the best designs usually are both decorative and useful at the same time. Would you agree? I always loved the bright colours of door streamers and the relaxing sounds they made blowing in the breeze. Looking back, that sound is laden with sweet memories of old fashion corner stores, fish & chip shops and happy Australian summers for me. As far as good door – decor goes, colourful streamers hung in door ways were gold!

So I’ve been keeping a keen eye out to share styles of door decor with you. Door decor can be hugely flexible in style; they can work in traditional setting (see above) or high fashion (see below). They’re one of those accessories that can make a home look very cosy and loved!


Image via Pinterest and Crafty Bitches


My house – Photography and Styling by Rachael Honner

I’ve made a curtain for a doorway at my home. It’s made from a table runner that I pinched from my props cupboard, it’s a temporary look I’m loving for now. I say temporary because our home will be renovated  soon and I will re-access if the curtain works for me then. Freedom to play and decorate as I wish is how I deliberately choose to show my home love. It’s never about high fashion, it’s more about creating a sanctuary and a space for my family and I, where we feel loved and really at home.

Make your own Curtain – A Beautiful Mess Image credit A Beautiful Mess

I’m loving the textured look of macrame curtains too. I like the way they add texture to an empty door-well and hide imperfections super well.


Nicole’s Boho Entryway: Image by Dara Tippapart and Styling by Nicole Valentine

I also adore this image by Nicole Valentine, this is from a blog post she wrote on doorway curtains for The Jungalow. It’s a really cute post on entryway decor, you can check it out right here if you were looking for specific bohemian – ideas to make your home look and feel loved.

Rachael x