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It’s always very tempting to attach the word ‘easy” to most tutorial style posts because let’s face it, everyone likes to do things with ease. Having said that, if I used that choice of word here – I would be totally fibbing you. I would be pulling your leg! Yes, I too am quite partial to an “easy tutorial” but the truth is….some projects simply take a little more work and energy. This project does require some effort but having said that, it’s VERY worthwhile, fun and doable.  


Here are a few quick tips that will help you find your groove with this project;

  • Space is important – it is a big chunk of pegboard that you’re working with therefore you will need space to do it comfortably.
  • Inflexible peg holes – The size of the peg holes are small and inflexible. You will need a small crochet hook to get around this limitation, a relatively thin ply twine or wool thickness and lastly perseverance to stick with finding a double crochet rhythm. Try having a few non-serious style practice runs and you will naturally find your own crochet rhythm.
  • Grab a stool – I found a bar stool was the perfect sized chair to complete the majority of this project.
  • Tunes – And lastly you will definitely need a few tunes to help you relax and find your zone with making this bedhead.


  • 1 x sheet of Pegboard Masonite (1830mm X 915mm X 3mm). This was the perfect sheet size for a king sized bed and the bonus is – that it did not need any alterations. The Cost- $22 and available from your local hardware.
  • Twine or wool (thin ply)
  • 0.5 Crochet hook (small enough to fit through the Pegboard holes)



Slip Stitch into your first hole (I counted down 24 pegboard-holes on the right side of the pegboard which reached just below our king size mattress). I then worked upwards to the right corner, straight across to the left and then down 24 pegboard holes, on the left side of the pegboard .

  1. 3 x Double Crochet into each Peg Hole,
  2. 3 x Chain
  3. then repeat 3 x Double Crochet 

On each corner you do 3 x DC, 1x Chain and then 3 x DC into the same hole. It does get squeeze-y but still doable.

If you have never crochet before but would like to try this project, here is a tutorial from Meet Me at Mikes to learn an easy chain stitch and here is a video to learn to double crochet. They are the only two crochet stitches you need to know for this bedhead and they are the easiest stitches to learn or re-learn. Yes, I re-taught myself to crochet especially so that I could share this project with you – lets just say that it had been a little while between crochet adventures, like a “primary school” kind of while. 


*DC= Double Crochet and C= Chain


4 Responses so far.

  1. Jill Corbett says:

    oh I love this! Great tutorial too! thanks for sharing. x

    • Rachael says:

      Thanks Jill. I had a lot of fun working it out. My motto was that Jaqui Fink would never give up on an idea so I had to keep going he he. Thanks for popping by gorgeous xx

  2. That is crazy cool. I’m not sure if I would be confident enough with my crochet to try it, but damn you do a good tutorial hun and have me totally tempted xx

  3. Rachael says:

    So glad Sonia! Looking forward to seeing more of your home makeover pics sweet. I too am painting this week so your posts are helping motivate me. Xx

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