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Our Walk in Wardrobe Makeover – Part OneIMG_5291


Thanks to Dulux and their absolutely beautiful “Paintable Wallpaper Range” our walk in wardrobe (in our main bedroom) has had a gorgeous makeover!

  • This fab wallpaper range is available in three varying textures – linen, concrete and pinstripe.
  • It is also easily painted over in your favourite shade of dulux…. yes, you actually get to choose what colour you would like your textured wallpaper to be. *This is particularly good because you are not limited by the colour tones available for a particular wallpaper range. Lastly
  • its textury qualities are VERY forgiving of imperfect walls.

I painted our wallpaper in Antique White USA (a Dulux classic) which was also very generously supplied by Dulux. Thankyou! This shade of white is actually a true favourite of mine and I often recommend it in my styling work because it really is the perfect shade of white as far as white wall paints go; it is just one of those shades that is not overly cool or warm!


The image above shows off our unfinished walk in wardrobe in all its glory and I reluctantly admit that it had been in this unfinished state for a while. Renovating workers cottages can be complicated, everything has a process and sometimes the smaller jobs are simply viewed as being of low level importance. Don’t you just love knowing that stylists have imperfect homes too?!


Here is the wall in its raw ply stage …  as you will see in the following shot, the beauty of this wall paper is that you don’t have to worry about sanding or removing imperfections. The texture of this wallpaper is just so very forgiving of those!


Our wallpapered wall looks flawless and really beautiful. Dulux generously gave me a choice of which texture I wanted for this project – I chose the linen texture. Do check out their range, as the other textures look divine too! As you may remember from last weeks post, I actually wallpapered this wall all by myself; I was a “virgin wall-paperer” and I am really quite proud of my efforts! This product was super easy to use and I thoroughly enjoyed every bit of making this little project happen.

I shall share the final walk in robe reveal next week, I’m really looking forward to it being framed and styled…


7 Responses so far.

  1. Ness Bay says:

    This wallpaper sounds great Rachael. I love wallpaper and I like the idea of being able to paint it. I would never get bored of it that way. Do you know if it can be painted a few times?? Thanks Ness

  2. Hi Ness,
    I painted ours with two coats of Dulux…. And I can see no reason why you couldn’t paint it other colours further down the track. It’s good quality wallpaper so and I would think, several coats of paint would just add to the texture. Rach

  3. How gorgeous is that wallpaper and me, oh, my, what a clever way to do a walk in robe – genius!

  4. Love when you pop over Bele! My Ben made the wall… mind you, I wanted it finished so bad I wasn’t far of having a go at doing it myself :). Would love to be that strong I could build a wall, maybe my next life

  5. This is sooo clever and how flipping awesome you can paint over it too! I likey – very much. Perfect for the undecisive like me haha xx

  6. Rachael says:

    Yes Sonia, freedom with wallpaper choices kind of make it all very doable! You wouldn’t be stuck with it forever and you could change its colour when your ready for a room makeover. Xxo

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