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Extreme Knitting with Jacqui Fink


Honestly, it’s always a creative – blessing when Megan Morton’s The School visits Brisbane because doing one of her courses is such a great way to keep ones skill set evolving. I view each course that I do as a creative – gift and very necessary – indulgence to self therefore I try to attend one at least every year.


This visit, I could not get past wanting to do Jacqui Fink’s Extreme Knitting. Just so you know, I would not call myself a knitter by any standards yet something about this course spoke to me and I really wanted to try it. I’m so glad that I listened to this inner voice because doing this course was like giving myself a big creative hug in the best kind of easy like Sunday morning kind of way… I so recommend! Extreme Knitting is such light – fun, so beautifully – therapeutic and surprisingly – easy enough to do. 


I first met Jacqui on Instagram a couple of years ago now, it was very lovely to finally meet her in the reals. She really is a warm open – book whom is also very down to earth, to be in her company is a lovely gift unto itself.


Her unique large-scale knitting process along with her own purposefully developed brand of K1S1 yarn attracts “lovers of knitting and textures” alike. Just so you know, K1S1 stands for knit one, share one and its no ordinary kind of yarn! Everything Jacqui has known and learned about wool and yarn to date was used to create this innovative thread which she hands-on developed through a milner in New Zealand. Jacqui’s instagram feed is full of beautiful images of her own amazing large-scale knitted creations and textures; it is hauntingly beautiful therefore I highly recommend you follow her here.

Hearing Jaqui’s story, her quite miraculous journey into creating Little Dandelion is inspiring and full of life changing stuff! Admittedly, I do have a crying illness of sorts… one of those throwback symptom’s of motherhood I suspect however hearing her story made me cry tears of joy but of the non-random kind… phew!


What I also find beautiful about Jacqui Fink’s Extreme Knitting and I only learned this after watching one of her knitting video’s on Instagram, is the physicality and movement behind the action of oversized knitting. It is quite physical and its rhythm and aesthetics appeal to my previous first life as a contemporary dancer and choreographer. You can see exactly what I mean here if you would like, it’s a really beautiful video to watch! Jacqui also knits purely with her hands; I’ve not yet tried knitting with my hands but after Saturday’s experience, I’m looking forward to giving that a go too!



Jacqui has more Extreme Knitting courses with The School on October 11 in NYC and November 7 in Sydney. As seen above – you get to take home your very own knitted scarf. It was actually kind of mind boggling for me to actually finish a knitting project – up until now, well THAT’S never happened before.


Here is my August basking in the warmth of the Brisbane sun and my beautiful giant scarf.

Rachael xx

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  1. I’ve been busting to try this, I want to make a throw for my bed, thanks for the inspo, I’ll have to check her out. LOVE your scarf, just gorgeous.BTW I’m not a knitter either but I’ll give it a go to make something like this x

  2. Rachael says:

    Hi Sarah,
    I too want to make a throw for my bed; thinking that’s my next project! You can buy the yarn on Jacqui’s website, there is a special yarn size that will make an entire throw. It’s the most divine texture! So fab you want to try it! X

  3. I sooooo want to do this. I have long admire those big chunky throws and well this extreme but my kind of safe extreme haha. I am so going to look into this more xx

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