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Fabulous Plant-Stands

Just between you and me, my latest decor crush is the plant stand… Seriously ever since I’ve embraced decorating with plants at my house; I am bananas-mad about plants stands.

I particularly love that they can be a striking feature piece on their own merit and could potentially look absolutely adorable in any style home. Thought I would share these two that I currently have my eye on; both of these stands are well priced and have their own gorgeous qualities. Don’t you think?

Handmade steel plant stand, made on a farm in Gippsland, Victoria, by shop owner Bree Claffey's Dad – Steel Plant Stand $39

Totally doing a swoon jiggle over the above stand; think it’s a gorgeous product and believe its simple fine-lined style would look gorgeous in any home. Each one is handcrafted by store owner Bree Claffey’s dad. So clever!

I quite like this Ikea one too and think it would look quite dreamy with climbing Ivy or jasmine. 

Now do tell me, is there a lonely corner in your home that’s just waiting to fashion one of these lovelies??

Bet there is somewhere!

Rachael xx

P.S This is not a sponsored post; I just genuinely love them


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