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I’m talking about Inspiration this week… So do tell me, who inspires you? I can’t help but wonder, if they might be some of the exact same people who inspire me?? To inspire others by doing what you love is a beautiful gift – one that often goes unrewarded. So, I thought I would share with you who I am inspired by. We all go through periods of doubt, fear and lack of motivation – seeing others do great work is what helps me stay positive. I share their joy, doubt myself less and keep on moving forward – I am hoping some of their work will inspire you too;

  • I adore the work of Maryanne Moodie – you can follow her on instagram here. Maryanne is one of the best weavers around – she now lives in NYC teaching and making a living from her craft. Her wall hangings are perfection and are divine works of art. The colour palates she creates are tonal magic and are one of the main reasons I follow her! She will often post an image of a amazing sky palate or another artist that is currently inspiring her work- and I too cannot help but feel inspired!


  • I also marvel at the work of Jaqui Fink from Little Dandelion. This lady alone could quite easily make us all quit our day jobs and take up knitting. Jaqui’s work is textural goodness like I’ve have never imagined. She once posted a video of her knitting with her hands (yes, no needles)- her movement was like an exquisite dance- really! Do follow her here. I have also started knitting again – I think its a great way to de-stress, hmm when I remember to breath that is!


  • I enjoy the work of many bloggers too, many of these talented ladies are listed on the blog roll to my right. They inspire me on a daily basis and I love their writing / work! I also particularly like reading Woogsworld – Mrs Woogs is quite the comedian but also a very decent woman who cares about truth and moral code in a very open minded way. The world needs more women like that – just saying!


  • From a styling point of view – I adore the work of many amazing stylists (naturally the generous and colourful work of Megan Morton springs to mind) however Kara Rosenlund is a true fav. Her still life’s are a journey unto themselves. You can follow her here!


  • Lastly and by no means least, I am inspired by the small tribe of creatives and friends that I’ve met through Instagram – there is a special few of them that keep me feeling faithful and moving forward. It makes my day to see them post something that they have photographed, styled or created with heart. So grateful for the goodness they share and the friendships I’ve made. 





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  1. Lovely words Rach, and how nice that so many people inspire you.

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