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With the holidays still fresh in everyone’s hearts and minds, rather than drag you away from that wonderful state of being – I thought I would gather some pictures of inspiring spaces for you to sit back, gently ponder and appreciate.

Just between you and I – I do think these images are best absorbed over a glass of vino, G&T or chai tea at the very least… so I will hang five, while you grab yourself and I a suitable beverage ;-).

The images I’ve shared here are great examples of interiors that use a range of decor – objects in a variety of shapes to create great-looking and well-balanced spaces. Good placement and using an array of complimenting tones and textures can assist with this too however simply using a variety of different shapes can be really useful in getting the composition of a room to look, just right!  

As shown in the image pictured above, the large round pendant is perfectly balanced against the rectangle and squares we see via the TV, artworks, prints, dinning table and lounges. A simple variety of shapes add’s spatial harmony.

Image via Pinterest

The large round photography print seen in the above image balances out the square shaped cushions and the rectangle shaped lounge and rug so very beautifully. If this artwork had been a rectangle or square shape – this room may have looked much-less striking.

Image via Pinterest and Elle Decor

Ooh, now the above image looks just a bit like comfort – heaven… I find the warm, natural tones of this room to be so beautiful and calming. I would absolutely sleep here in a heartbeat. Would you too? I adore how the varying textures used on the quilt, pillow, headboard and bedside lamp compliment each other in such a lovely way. I also really like the creative use of the rectangle colour-blocking painted on the walls and the round “Crate & Barrel Mirror” is again the perfect shape to complete this room in a balanced and super -stylish way.

Image via Pinterest and Elle Decor

Looking at this striking image pictured left, granted you do see many round shapes however if you look closer you will also notice squares, ovals and rectangles via the mirrors, artworks, coffee table and lounge. There is an exciting mix of shapes here which create a gorgeous vignette and a very-balanced room. I also love the contrast of the dark walls against the light-reflecting mirrors and the white coffee table in front. 

Image via Pinterest and Elle Decor

There is allot to like about the dinning room pictured above; my personal favourites (just quickly saying) are the chandelier, the wallpaper, the two round mirrors and lastly the bamboo dinning chairs paired with the mismatched round-dinning table. What do you like most about this image?? The ornate round mirrors are quite a focal point, they match with the chandelier beautifully; they are also perfectly positioned to offset the varying-shapes of the chairs, rug and curtains.

So in a nutshell, you could say the essence of this post is best explained by;

  • grabbing yourself a glass of vino, G&T or relaxing beverage of any kind whilst enjoying these beautiful spaces and
  • that by simply using a range of different shaped decor-items to decorate a space, you can be well on your way to achieving great room composition.

I do hope you have enjoyed these images. If you happen to make any changes to any of your rooms through mixing simple shapes around – I would be so chuffed if you did let me know.

Rachael x

Image Credits are as follows; Entertaining Inspiration via Home Beautiful, Nordic inspired living room via Pinterest, Colour Block bedroom wall via Elle Decor, Mirror room via Elle Decor and lastly Glamorous Garden Inspired Room via Elle Decor.

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  1. Yep.. my eyes have feasted thank you very much. Now at 11.30 at night I want to start moving furniture lol xx

    • Anonymous says:

      Ha, ha…your awake lovely! You are a dearest of bloggy friends to pop on by this late. No moving furniture around this late gorgeous, I’m sending you to bed… only 10:30 here, so I have a few mini’s before I turn into a pumpkin. xx

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