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Fireside by Sydney Fragrance

I received a package in the mail over Easter. Inside my package was a beautiful bespoke candle aptly named Fireside by Sydney Fragrance.

Sydney Fragrance is a luxury candle company that has a unique approach to organically finding the fragrances for its range. For example, the Fireside fragrance is inspired by the Australian countryside; its fragrance combines vetiver, leather and woodsmoke. This candle aims to transport its user(s) to a location, a cabin situated in the countryside, where you can imagine or reminisce about sitting on a cosy leather couch in front of a fire.

Fireside by Sydney Fragrance | $39.99

The Sydney Fragrance range was created by its director Jai Evans. Jai has created a collection of scented candles, mostly inspired by the unique smells of Australia, particularly the city of Sydney. For those who know and have experienced Sydney, the fragrances aim to transport you to a time and place to evoke emotion; and for those yet to visit; a sensorial escape, and a taste of what could be.

Opera by Sydney Fragrance | $39.99

Other candles in the range are beautifully articulated with names such as Luna after Luna Park, Opera after the Opera House and Sunrise after Bondi Beach. Each fragrance is uniquely inspired by its location. Wonderland is inspired by the Blue Mountains and its fragrance combines Green Apple, Mountain Water and Moss. Luna deliciously combines Vanilla, Cream Candles and Caramel. You can check out the rest of the Sydney Fragrance Range here.

Sunrise by Sydney Fragrance | $39.99

Luna by Sydney Fragrance | $39.99

 The music for the above video was created by my son Oliver Honner, the styling and prop-ography by me. The masculine undertones of Fireside are perfect for our rural home and my own preferred sense of smell; I definitely favour more masculine – style aromas as opposed to floral / rosie type scents around the home … Thank you Sydney Fragrance, who knew?

Do you have a favourite aroma that you like to use around your home? Does it sit more on the masculine side of fragrances or is it pretty and feminine?