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Five good reasons to have your home blessed.


House Blessings

I went to a house blessing last Friday- it was so lovely and I felt very privileged to be part of it. I like the idea of a house being blessed for the same simple reasons I enjoy styling a home:

  • Firstly, it’s about showing your home some deliberate love and attention.
  • And secondly, I also think cleansing and changing the energy of your immediate environment can do wonders for the people living in it. It’s kind of like you’re giving your home a spring clean but in a more soulful way!

Some people believe that simply organising your undie draw can have the same effect. Does this resonates with you too?? hmm, now on second thoughts… I’ve probably no interest in knowing the details of your undie draw, just saying.


Five simple reason’s to get your home blessed are:

  • You live in an old house- and you would like the household energy to be more about you & your family.
  • It is your forever home and depending on your beliefs – you would like to cleanse the space in a spiritual or metaphorical way.
  •  You live in a rental and would like to give your new dwelling a fresh and positive start.
  • You know that someone has passed away in your home. And lastly
  • you simply would like to inject your home with love and goodness; as mentioned above it’s about deliberately showing your home some love and attention which is always going to have a positive outcome.


A Buddhist house blessing

The house blessing I went to was a Buddhist home blessing conducted by 3 Buddhist monks. I believe that most religions and ecumenical groups do them as well- just in case you prefer your blessing to be with a faith that you’re familiar with. Anyone can organise a house blessing, you certainly don’t need to be religious or Buddhist in order to have one. For Buddhists, house blessings are very much a way of life – it is a celebratory event that families can share with their neighbours and friends. They make really yummy food – my lovely girlfriend Ying made delicious food! Friends are also invited to contribute food or money as offerings to the monks – they do this eagerly because of the blessing one receives in return!

One of the first things my lovely neighbour “Ying” was required to do was make an offering to nature (think Thai curries, fresh greens and incense) . This offering is for all the animals and people who have died alone… so beautiful and thoughtful! Would you agree??


Next, three monks adorned in various shades of orange arrived – They sat down on cushions, prayed and chanted. It was very peaceful!


During one particular chant -they passed a ball of string between them – firstly unwinding it so that they were all connected by twine and prayer and then lastly by rolling it back up.  This is a symbol of protecting the house and the people within it! You can watch this moment here on the vimeo below if you would like.

We were all then required to fill the monks bowls with rice – this includes everyone present and is also a gesture of protection for those involved. The monks ate and then continued to pray / chant. Generally speaking, a Buddhist home blessing will last about an hour and half to two hours – this will also include lunch. One of the monks then sprinkled holy water through out the rooms of the house and lastly he placed three dots on the main entrance of the home. Yes, I honestly would have a blessing for the gold foiling alone however this to protect and keep all evil (negativity) away from the house.


If you’re interested in having a Buddhist blessing its probably best to research the ceremony with your nearest Buddhist centre or temple. I do think knowing the  etiquette / proper ways of doing things would be helpful before you proceed. I loved attending this Buddhist Home blessing, it was a truly delightful experience and I could definitely see and feel the goodness it brings.






5 Responses so far.

  1. I love this idea of a Buddhist blessing. I had our house blessed when we bought it. It wasnt a big hoo ha, I didnt even tell anyone we were having it done. But a friends mum did the clearing and the blessing for us and immediately afterwards it just felt more us than anyone else xx

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  2. Rachael says:

    Wow, I love that you have had your house blessed Sonia! ! I think it’s the loveliest idea and one of the most logical ways to make it your own too. I think ours has been blessed with holy water (my mother is handy like that) but I would really like one done on ours too! Xx

  3. Brismod says:

    Oh that’s very cool. One of my friends had her house blessed in the Catholic tradition. There was lots of holy water thrown about by all accounts. xx

    • Oh so touched you popped by lovely!! It was cool! Love the idea of a house blessing – not overly fussed how its done, it’s just a beautiful idea isn’t it? xx

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