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I attended a flower design seminar at Brave Agencies on Tuesday, it was presented by Martin Gay, CEO of The Flower Trap. Martin is gorgeous and really knows how to create with flowers. He was also very generous with his knowledge as we were all privy to some great floral arranging tips. So should you lovelies play your cards right?! – I might just NEED to share a couple of those with you here.

I love flowers and in all honesty I could phaff around with them all-day… especially at BA! For those of you that are not Brisbane based – “Brave Agencies” is quite the showroom and they source AMAZING wares for the design community of Brisbane. They represent a number of unique brands such as Ruby Star Traders, Wisteria, Bisque and MRD home and more… their showroom is beautifully loaded with an abundance of “interior – eye candy”. I was unashamedly a little “snap happy” therefore have a bunch of pics along with some flower decorating tips to share with you below;


Here is Martin showing us how to do a floral arrangement using the grid technique. If you’re a crafty soul – you could actually use sticky tape over a vase to create a similar effect.


  • Start with some foliage directly in the centre of your grid. Then swivel your vase around as you add your flower additions. If the bowl sits at eye level (where it can be seen) simply hide your grid-tape with extra foliage or flowers.



This is a floral arrangement using the foam method. I loved how light and fun Martin’s arrangements are… yes indeed, that’s an apple! Long green foliage, folded and then pinned under (like a loose hair bun) also looks super cute too! 


  • Foam sponges need to be allowed to sink into water- if you push them down you will create air bubbles which can dehydrate your flowers.
  • Use your floral pin on the inside of your foliage loop so that it cannot be seen.
  • You can also cut holes in your foliage leaves and poke flowers through them.
  • To keep flowers alive for longer – you can try adding a tea bag, a drop of bleach or scold flower stems in hot water for a few seconds and then pop back into cold water. 



I believe Pears and Magnolia leaves are an absolute match made in heaven… would you agree? 


I also just adore this farmhouse table crafted from recycled wood by Bisque… and need I even mention THAT copper pendant (also by Bisque). I sigh, such beautiful wares!


Martin also had an array of suggestions for table decorating; I particularly liked these glass bowls – they make such a simple yet striking centre piece for the table. I too cannot wait to use this idea for my next tablescape or vignette.


  • Roll long green foliage into a small roll, submerge it into water and then gently release it. It will expand like ribbon along the edges of the glass vase.
  • You can also gently fold a flower up (kind of like its sleeping) and then gently immerse into water. The effect is gorgeous!

A huge thankyou to Chris Sayers of Brave Agencies for hosting this event, your showroom is fabulous! And thankyou Martin for the wonderful tips and ideas….  it was such a fun filled afternoon and it’s always lovely to see “what a happening little community” we have here in Brisvegas.

Rachael x

Camera Uploads

A few extra happy snaps taken from my iphone… I just adored the array of accessories in this showroom alone.

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  1. I’m a bit jelly of that course. how gorgeous is the fruit in the arrangements. I’m going to try that x

    • Rachael says:

      The fruit is cuuuute Bele! And more tips have been coming back to me which I will add. Floral goodness is so wonderful- hope a course comes your way soon. Xx

  2. I love floral arrangement. like LOVE kind of love. We are totally planing on running classes for flower bombing in our workshops… you so need to come to Sydney 🙂 xx

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