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Getting organised around here!


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Tick off Charts and Busy-Cards

So, this morning I did this Fitting in the Housework chart from over at Kids Spot which was created by one of my gorgeous blogger friends Sonia – from Life Love Hiccups. This post was very timely because I’ve been meaning to follow a more specific routine to see if life feels, well… more organised. I also thought it would be a great way to start my blogging day- you know, feeling like the house is in some kind of semi order. It can be tricky working from home as one can easily be distracted if the creative juices aren’t flowing or the IT department is on meltdown and suddenly you find yourself scrubbing a loo loo or something…I know, so creative! I will admit that I haven’t completed all the tasks on my printable as I feel some of these naturally lend themselves to the “evening mummy shift” but most of them I have. Now, do I fill more organised and ready to start my creative day – well, I think yes! Thankyou Sonia xx

I’ve also decided to print a few of my instapics as business cards through Printstagram. I quite like the simplicity of their square- contact cards! Below is the brochure I currently use for my styling business- I actually love using it and have found it very affective for attracting business. The only trouble is because I am a small business owner and finances are a consideration- I have to hand-cut these myself. I really would prefer to spend my creative energy elsewhere so I think mixing it up with a few cute business cards is a good idea.


Hip Brown Home – Brochure

I have chosen the following Instagram pictures as they best represent what I do (seen pictured at the very top of this post and below). I can’t wait till they arrive. Now do tell me, do you use a business card? Where did you get yours printed/ designed?

Rach xx

P.S FYI- This is not a sponsored post, just making sure things are in ship shape around here 😉





4 Responses so far.

  1. Yvette says:

    OMG the vignette with the horseshoe, I could not stop staring at it! You are so clever at vignettes. I love your style, so different to mine.
    I love you contact cards. I have business cards printed with my blog details on it. I used Vistaprint, it was cheap, fast and I could upload my logo.
    Your do look great though.

  2. Rachael says:

    Thanks Yvette- you made my day dear. Yes, your right logo is so very important too- Vista sound great!!! One to remember for next time xx

  3. awwww so chuffed you really did use them lovely 🙂 thank YOU!
    By the way LOVING those yellow tootsies and those cards… swoooooon. Dont forget when you get a chance I would love to have you guest post on my blog about styling your home or something that showcases your gorgeous style xxx

  4. Rachael says:

    Your printables are great Sonia – so helpful! Ooh would love to guest post – give me five to think of something suitable and I will drop you a mail. Have a great weekend lovely! Xx