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Gift Buying to make one happier at home!


Hello my lovely,

So, with THAT busy gift buying season sneaking up on us… I’ve been thinking about “gifts” for the home… more specifically about those type of gifts which can potentially make us happier and help us enjoy being in our homes more. We all have varied tastes and our “happiness ratings” towards gifts and home-wares will no doubt vary from person to person. For example;

  • Some people, live very simple lives and may sit in the “product / things / home-wares” don’t make me happy camp… which I really admire and whilst I’m no minimalist, there is a huge part of me that can relate to  this!


  • And others may sit in the slightly obsessive and interiors – mad camp… which I get and can absolutely relate to as well!!

So, in the midst of my own confusion with consuming and loving it/ not loving it. And perhaps belonging to both camps if that’s indeed possible… I thought, I’d share some key facts that give product(s) that little bit more “heart and soul” therefore potentially more “happiness and enjoyment”. I also thought these characteristics would come in handy for when you’re getting your Christmas lists together; you could choose a gift belonging to one of the below and feel confident it will bring joy. So here is my list however if you have suggestions to add (because other perspectives are good to hear), please share with us below;cacti_1

No 1. Purchase Well – Made 

Well – made item(s) can be tricky to choose because durability is not always that black and white however the following may help;

  • Check to see if the item is made from natural fibers? Natural fibers will wear – better and last longer
  • Check to see if it has been beautifully sewn or if it’s kind of rough in places.
  • Check the items strength versus its fragility.
  • Lastly, buy a brand you know and trust.


2. Buy Fair trade

This too is a tricky one to decipher especially when businesses are not always honest about where their products are made and if the workers have good working conditions and are paid fare wages. If you are in doubt and it kind of bothers you (because there is less guilt associated with buying fair trade), a list of brands dodging those tricky questions can be found here … having said that, I will be honest and say that I totally own things bought from the “ahem mentioned stores”… It’s important to know that there’s no bloggy – judgement going on here!

3. Well designed goods

The amount of thought, functionality, meaning and effort behind a product will increase its look, appeal and use greatly. So, if there has been lots of effort injected into these areas… it’s highly likely that your gift will indeed have a joyful affect on its receiver! Woo hoo.

4.  Buy Art or Handmade

Artwork(s) and handmade products are created with oodles of love & enjoyment therefore generally speaking, people really appreciate that sort of thoughtfulness in a gift. Handmade items also look super great paired next to more expensive home-wares around the home!

5. Buy Colourful

Colours affects our moods greatly therefore

  • maybe it’s as simple as buying a cushion in a person’s favourite colour or in bright, happy – coloured tones like yellow, lime green or neon pink. 
  • Alternatively choose colours with meaning. For example red and purple tones can invoke passion and romance so these can be fabulous colours for cushions in the bedroom.


6. Buy Treasures – recycled or vintage

Everyone loves a good story, especially gifts that have their own story… they’re so fun to share over a chat and a glass of bubbles or two. These type of gifts for the home also add character especially when used in spaces like the dining room / sitting room or bedroom. It’s great to have a good balance of new and old things and they add a decent dose of soul to the home! 

7. Buy Well Traveled Goods

These too make awesome gifts because people love being able to say where its from, who bought it and like Number 6 they  especially enjoy hearing the yarn or two behind it.

Having said that, if you’re like me and not travelling anywhere, anytime soon… Stores like Oxfam are a great way to purchase an authentic and well traveled gift instead. 

8. Make a gift

This is all about the effort really…  the effort it takes to make something can warm the heart of the person receiving it. It’s also about making them feel loved. 

Rach xx



6 Responses so far.

  1. Maxabella says:

    I find it tricky to buy home-gifts unless I know the person really well. I’ve received so many ‘omg, where am I gonna put THAT’ gifts over the years that it’s made me hesitant. I think we are all quite fussy when it comes to our homes. I LOVE your concrete planter and headboard and I am so happy that you mentioned Fair Trade. Good gal! x

    • I hear you Bron, and it can be kind of awkward. I agree that we’re all quite fussy when it comes to our homes… but understandably so, homes can be very sacred places (whether we are aware of it or not). Love fair-trade, the older I get, the more I understand, comprehend and get it. Thanks for popping by! Mwah

  2. I always tend to buy hime gifts over personal gifts.. I have no idea why, but I do love making and receiving handmade gifts too. Hope you are having a gorgeous week lovely lady xx

  3. I tend to be a home gift giver, I think because I’m a real homebody. I do pick the gifts that are a bit “generic” or understated so the receiver won’t have a “hmmmm noice, where will I put that moment.” I have received a few of those over the year too.

    I think where the gift originates also is close to my heart too. As I’m getting older I have been leaning towards homemade, local and yes fair trade products.

    Thanks for your list, it’s great. Zoe xx

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