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How is your Plant-life??

IMG_2733-001[gn_heading style=”1″]GREENERY FOR YOUR BEDROOM[/gn_heading]

Now tell me, how is your plant-life? Do you have any greenery in your bedroom?? I thought I would share this new and very green addition to our bedroom. Given how much I adore indoor plants – I am a little surprised at myself. I mean, what has taken me sooooo long?? I love waking up next to this green-guy and naturally I love waking up next to my hubby-guy too :-). I can see the future of our bedroom looking a whole lot greener – just saying.

Plants in the bedroom act as natural purifiers and rid the air of nasty toxins. You may remember the post I recently did on Must Read Magazines –  there was a fabulous indoor-plant section in Inside Out Magazine and it reminded me of this fact…


My plant is called a Calathea ‘Lancifolia’ its an easy one to look after and likes the warmth and shade of indoor living. You could choose basically any type of indoor or shade orientated plant and it should be ok too!

It may be a coincidence but I have to say that I actually think the air quality in our room has improved- I wake up feeling like I can breathe more easily. You simply must to go out and buy one…


Rach xx


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  1. I have plants in most rooms of the house but oddly enough none in any of the bedrooms. You have just given me the green light to go out and get a little plant for each of our roomx – thanks lovely xx

  2. […] perhaps not in my bedroom at all. When I first purchased this plant – I wrote a post called How is your plant- life? – it’s funny to read because back then I really did rate this plant. Best be off to find […]

  3. Jessica_P says:

    This is simply beautiful! Yes, even I do have a Plant-Life ( less beautiful then yours). I think having a conscience that supports greenery and live is the most amazing possession. Thanks for sharing those lovely pictures. Good to see 🙂

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