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Hamptons Style and Sprout Gallery

The above living area belongs to a client and friend of mine. As you can see above, Carla likes Hamptons Style. For those of you that are not familiar with “Hamptons Style”; it can be best described by its casual, relaxed – beach  – style living however it’s largely brought together and styled in a classic and very sophisticated way.

The neutral tones of the “Hamptons – Look” also helps blend my clients fondness for the colour blue, whilst giving her modern – traditional Queenslander a fresh updated look. Assisting with a simple mish – mash of Carla’s own – classic taste with Hamptons – style has really helped her to love and understand the potential of her home more. You can see more of my clients home here if you’re looking to buy a great house on a fabulous street in Ashgrove, Brisbane.

In the living area above, you will see that I’ve introduced my client to the work of Sprout Gallery; I found the work of Michelle Grayson of Sprout Gallery on Instagram.

Protea in blue and white ginger jar print by Sprout Design

Michelle Grayson is an Australian Illustrator and designer. Her business Sprout Gallery began in 2009.

Pink Peonies 2 in blue and whte ginger jar

Her artworks evolve from her love of detailed illustration, water colour and hand drawn details. They’re then produced via collage on illustrator and photoshop print techniques. They’re very classic in style, curvaciously paying homage to the still – hugely popular, Chinese style, blue and white ceramics; her works remind me of a modern-day – form of greek art with a hint of floral Australian-a to boot. Their classic – style works beautifully with Hamptons – styling.

Hydrangeas in blue and white vase print

Styling this home has reminded me that I adore the connections you can make on #Instagram; I also love being able to connect the work of local artists and designers with my clients in the reals. This blog post “11 ways to make consistent purchase for the home”  also helps explains my motivation with that….. It’s also great way to help promote and support the work of local artists, and can assist with the process of buying well.







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