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[gn_heading style=”1″]Art Work of Mine[/gn_heading]


A current work in progress for my own home – a little present to self 🙂


How are you today? Just thought I’d share some of my hand printed banners / artworks with you – I’m not sure that I have shared these ones here before?! Some of you may have seen a glimpse of them on Instagram already.

I like to take my “art – making” quite slowly because I have learned that it’s important to give yourself a chance to be creative without too much judgement early on. Messing up is an important part of the creative process! Initially, I also like to give my works to friends and family as gifts and I absolutely try to improve the model each time – they also give feedback and that is always so very useful in helping with the development – process! I believe that I am now at a stage where I might just be happy with these little art works of mine  and I’m looking forward to selling them on my website soon…. and maybe a few other places too, we shall see.



I gave this artwork (its not completely perfect) to a family friend of my inlaws and insta buddy of mine Sarah Shanahan – I highly recommend you follow her over on instagram at sarahshanahan_lifestyle

I am feeling so absolutely grateful today and perhaps for one reason or another a little sentimental too. Ha, I can be a softy like that so on that note – can I just say that I am super chuffed that you visited me here today!

Ooh and I must say a huge thankyou to She Knows Australia for featuring a snippet of our lounge room for an article they recently did on Design Bloggers show us their living rooms. Keeping great company alongside Honey and Fizz and Down That Little Lane

Thankyou dearly

Rachael xx


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  1. Now you KNOW how much I love these and I know so many people would love these in their homes so go you good ting – I am so behind you on this xx

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