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Hello, I’ve missed you



How has your week been? It’s been a while since we’ve connected via this blog of mine. The truth is, I really needed a break… Who knew this Styling business of my mine would demand so much of my time & energy?! Combine that, with taking care of my beautiful family and I realised that I was pushing myself too hard….  something had to give! Do you struggle with business / life balance too? Do you have any coping tricks you would like to recommend?

The upside is that I’ve really missed blogging and whilst I may not be here every week… I plan to be here, really often and I’m excited by that! This business of mine has blossomed since I first started it, nearly 3 years ago. And I’m really proud of the work that I’ve achieved in this time. 


 On that note, I recently won this award from Houzz. Thanks Houzz, recognition is really lovely when you work your ass butt off to please others… I really appreciate it!

Did you happen to notice the side tables in the picture of our bedroom above? I embarked on a mini road-trip to Sunshine Beach to source this pair. It was such a heavenly day! I also popped into Coastal Vintage at Noosaville for a visit. I’ve known Sally from Coastal Vintage for the past couple of year’s via Instagram. Her warehouse is gorgeous and is jam packed full of beautiful wares and treasures… next time you’re heading to Noosa, I recommend that you pop in for a visit! I found a gorgeous piece of vintage coral which I purchased for the shelf in my office space. I am loving the natural beauty and texture it brings!

Another highlight was a breakfast and a quick dip here…


Noosa Beach and road tripping adventures, how I love you… I really do!

Do have a lovely, lovely Easter and I sincerely hope that we chat soon!

Rachael x