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How to make a sweet home

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This blog post was originally posted over on my previous blog Hip Brown Things. You can view it here if you would like to see the original comments section

I made a chalk board for one of my clients; it’s ok to try it out on my kitchen first, right?? Love playing around with different looks and could not resist! I needed a lil kitchen-y type accessory to go with a clock I had previously sourced and a lovely canvas that my client already owned. I am happy to report that all three look very fabulous together in her kitchen and make a lovely wall vignette. 


The same client also sent this very sweet snap of her children helping paint the kitchen furniture. I know, bless them!

Admittedly the perfectionist within me was a little worried about application… but seriously “phht”, who needs perfection! This lovely family will remember this time for years to come and I do think memories are the things that really make a home a sweet place to be.


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