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Finding good bedroom art can be a tricky thing to do – so I thought I would share this really easy “wall hanging” tutorial with you all. Maybe you too would like to make it for your home! What I like most about this tutorial is that you can literally create it in any colour palate you would like – yes, you get to be the artist and stylist on this job. I also like that it adds softness and oodles of texture – a good looking bedroom will always have this! So, have you thought of a colour palate to use already? Please, do tell me??.   


  • 0.5 meters of 100% silk weave or a fabric weave equivalent. Just between you and I, I absolutely love this silk weave as it is perfectly raw and texture-y. I literally could not leave the shop without buying it!  0.5 meters will make you two square shaped wall hangings.
  • 90 cm of dowel wooding – this is found at your local hardware or spotlight store.
  • Twine to hang your art work
  • A sewing machine to do a simple straight stitch across your fabric
  • A drill for your doweling (this is optional as you can choose to tie your hanging thread directly onto your doweling instead of drilling holes to hang it)
  • A colour palate of wool (choose at least 2 or 3 shades)
  • Scissors
  • Dental Floss to tie pom poms securely

[su_heading style=”1″]METHOD[/su_heading]

  • Using your wool/ yarn – make 12 pom poms in various colours


  • Wrap your wool around two fingers between 60 and 80 times
  • Tie both of the wool ends together firmly
  • Cut a good length of dental floss, hold it between your two fingers whilst slipping the wool of your fingers at the same time
  • Tie the dental floss around your wool a couple of times and pull very tightly and knot several times
  • Holding you wool flat – snip around your yarn and then continue to shape it into a nicely rounded ball – be careful not to snip your dental floss threads
  • Set Pom poms aside

[su_heading style=”1″]TRIM YOUR DOWEL[/su_heading]

  • Saw your length of dowel down to it correct size – I cut mine into 45cm length pieces
  • Drill your holes 1cm in from each end

 [su_heading style=”1″]LASTLY MAKE YOUR WALL HANGING[/su_heading]

  • Cut your silk weave fabric in half -trim your edges to your chosen size / dimensions. The dimensions I used for my wall hanging were 42cm wide by 45cm long.
  • Sew a 6cm hem – this will be where you will thread your dowel through.
  • Thread your dowel through your hemmed fabric.
  • Attach your pom poms – I simply tied my pom poms onto my silk weave using my dental floss thread

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

  •  Finally attach your hanging- twine and hang your wall hanging in it’s chosen space.


2014-07-23 15.41.41

 I hope you enjoy making!

Rachael xx





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  1. You seriously need to sell these babe. I am not even remotely kidding. I love them… but the I love everything you do xx

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