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If we took a holiday!



I am packing for our beach holiday; I squee because I am just a tad excited to be going away with my family! I will also be catching up with my much- larger family too which will be lovely because I have really not seen them in a long time. I also won’t be around to post here next week because sometimes I think it’s important to enjoy and just be present where ever you are. I love blogging and social media but it’s also nice to take a little special- time away.

I have decided to hang-dry lavender in our bedroom while we are away; the lavender is home grown from our garden. It will be lovely to return home to a beautiful smelling bedroom not to mention my own comfy bed. Returning home can be the loveliest thing… I do love going on holidays but adore coming home to my own home too!


I have organised myself some light reading for while I am away. I love lying on the beach whilst being a tad inspired and I’m thinking a little harmless dreaming in the warm- sunshine will be fun and very good for the soul! The beach we are going to is a little slice of heaven…. no exaggeration!  It is on the mid-north coast of NSW… I am talking white soft sand, teal coloured ocean with beautiful green mountains as a back drop. I will post you a picture when I get back and you can tell me what you think.


See you soon and have yourself a super lovely week!

Rachael xx


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