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Kara Rosenlund and her book named Shelter #shelterhowaustralianslive

[su_heading]A book named Shelter[/su_heading]


How cute are all these snaps? I so love to see other creatives supporting each other…Photo credits are dawnrubymay, petrinaturnerdesign and mr_jason_grant on Instagram

Thought I would capture some of the buzz around Author, Photographer and Stylist Kara Rosenlund and her book tour of “Shelter”… I received my signed copy in the post this week – I am going to call it in early by saying, this book will be a huge seller… I just know it.


I loved this image captured by Petrina Turner at the Melbourne book launch held at Est_Studios last night – hope you dont mind me sharing it P xx

I am yet to spend some good quality – tea – drinking – time absorbing this book however so far I am enjoying the following;

  • the photography is divine and the words, infectious.
  • I’m also loving hearing about Kara’s adventures, the stories and the characters behind each home… it’s enchanting!

Image via Kara Rosenlund on Instagram

As a woman, it also highlights how bloody – brave she is! So strong and courageous for;

  •   weathering the ups and downs of a road-trip completely alone.
  • And for toughing it out by staying on a remote island in Tasmania all by herself (and loving it- I might add).
  • And lastly for really, putting herself out there by meeting complete strangers – inviting herself into their homes and magically capturing the essence of their world. Kara is the real deal… believe we have a modern day adventurer in our midst!

It’s the kind of book that I would proudly perch on my book shelf for many years to come because it captures the magic of real people, their lives and homes. Beautiful work Kara… I am so enjoying seeing you and your book shine. You can grab your own advanced copy right here.

Rachael xx

2 Responses so far.

  1. Maxabella says:

    I ADORE this book already and I haven’t even received my copy yet!! x

  2. Its a gorgeous, gorgeous read Bron….Thinking you will enjoy many a soulful tea break over it!! Rx