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Tea at Ours and Storm in a Tea Cup Exhibition

[su_heading size=”18″]How We Drink Our Tea…[/su_heading]


Artist Details: Yenny Huber 
Room no. 14  Digital print on aluminium panel


I don’t know about you but drinking tea at my house is always about having a mini – break from the day-to-day rigmarole of life. I try to forget about that balancing act of mine where being a mother/ wife / stylist/ blogger/ business owner/ instagram lover (pfft to addict) and maker can at times be overwhelming and the shoes slightly difficult to fill. The warmth of that simple cuppa warms my soul; I can unwind and once again most things seem achievable! I do love a dreamy, warmth-adding tea session especially in winter… do you too?

Sometimes, especially on my blog post days, I can get so carried away with writing that I often forget to eat BUT the funny thing is… I never forget to drink tea! Does drinking tea represent time out for you too? And do you have a favourite type of tea that you like to drink?? Do share with us as I’m always keen to hear about a fine tasting brew. I personally like to drink good old fashion Dilmah but I also try to make myself drink green tea purely for its health benefits too.

The following images are artworks from Storm in a Tea Cup which runs from 24 July – 27 September at the Mornington Pennisula Regional Gallery, in Mornington Victoria (only an hour’s drive from Melbourne). As a  tea lover, this exhibition caught my eye, perhaps captured my heart too and I simply had to share it; it explores the symbolic ritual of tea drinking in our lives and is comprised of 50 works of art including paintings, photography, sculpture and installations. I really hope that I get to see it!


Artist Details: Samantha Everton Camellia 2009, from the series Vintage dolls 2009
pigment print on rag paper


Artist Details: Charles Blackman Feet beneath the table 1956 – Tempera and oil on composition board



Artist Details: Michael Cook Object (Table) 2015 – Inkjet print on archival Hahnemuhle cotton paper


Artist Details: Art work by Adam Hill Not everyone’s cup of tea 2009 – Painting, synthetic polymer paint on canvas


and I so hope you get to, too!

2 Responses so far.

  1. A fellow tea lover here, I can’t start the day without my Twinings Earl Grey. I’m loving Numi’s Rooibos Chai at the moment too and I finish the day with a Cammomile. I’m getting my green tea fix through matcha powder. Thanks for sharing those art works too.

  2. Rachael says:

    Hi Vicky, I can’t start the day without tea either, it’s like nobody is really home.:-). Numi’s Roobios chai sounds so down my alley, will pop it on the shopping list, Thankyou!!! Loved the artworks, such talented artists.

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