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Lucy Given on Global Interior Trends for Spring / Summer 2018

Lucy Given, owner of LUC design store in Tasmania and 2017 Retailer of the Year Winner at the Gift and Life Instyle Awards shares with us the types of interior trends she predicts for spring/summer 2018. Lucy’s self confessed design philosophy is based on buy once, buy well, she believes that good design doesn’t necessarily have to have a hefty price tag but it should resonate with you. Being both local and globally acquainted with Interior fashions, Lucy has pulled together a few of the emerging trends she’s started to see, along with some of her favourite representations for the new season ahead below;

Photo Credit via Menu Denmark | Featuring Plinth, Godot Sofa Series and Echasse Vase

  • Scandinavian influences – this is an interior trend that has continued to flourish and evolve over the years. Interior trends for 2018 will combine Scandinavian designs with a much more paired back sensibility. This will include the use of vintage/timeless elements (think classic furniture and lighting from the 60’s and 70’s) teamed with a touch of glamour in metal, leather or glass  – creating a sense of comfort and luxury in the home. There will be less of the pale timbers and soft greys this season, and more walnut, natural leather and textural hides.

Photo Credit Via Menu Denmark | Featuring Plinth and Synnes Dining Chair

  • The return of colour – trending across the industry is the return of bold colour choices and the resurgence of layers and textures. There is a shift in the shades of colours we are used to seeing and a move toward earthy tones, metallics and shiny surfaces that reflect a sense of luxury and wealth. You can also expect to see lots of pink trending this season and more specifically millennial pink. Green will continue to remain a strong trend, however it will take on softer shades of sage, soft pastel celery and avocado. Dark interiors dominate with moody greys and intense blues – which makes me very happy.

Photo Credit Menu Denmark | Featuring Plinth,  Afteroom Dining Chair 3 and Godot Sofa Series

  • The mix of colours with textures – this season we will continue to see the pairing of colours and textures, which includes velvet, natural textiles that will be emulated throughout linens and wools. Along with this, there will be an inclusion of leather, metal accents, concrete and glass mixed with other natural elements such as plants, timbers, stone and textural fabrics.

Photo Credit Menu Denmark | Featuring Plinth and Echasse Vase

  • Marble and natural stone – Expect to see the pairing of marble and natural stone this season, with black being the new white when it comes to marbling. Keep an eye out for stone finishes and tones of grey and black, along with thin profiles in bench and table tops. Black kitchens will also become huge.

All of these trends and more will be showcased at Reed Gift Fairs Melbourne August 5 – 9. You can also catch a Lucy Given education – session on Retail Trends: Store Design right here.