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Miranda Skoczek | Crazy Patchwork at Edwina Corlette Gallery in Brisbane



THIRD EYE 2016 | BY MIRANDA SKOCZEK | oil, acrylic and enamel on linen

One of my favourite Australian female artist’s is Miranda Skoczek. And I’d not be at all surprised if she was one of your favourites too?? Miranda’s work is richly dedicated to her love of colour, design, pattern, cultures and mythology. Her contemporary artworks are magical in application, style and theme. There is a playful quality to her work whilst juxtaposed with spades of depth and sensitivity.

The selection of artworks shown here are from Miranda Skoczek’s “Crazy Patchwork” exhibition. And hay Brisbane peeps, we’re seriously in luck because Crazy Patchwork opens at Edwina Corlette Gallery tonight, October 20 and runs until November 5. Pop it in your diaries, you definitely should go see her work!


NOT SO BLUE EYES 2016 | BY MIRANDA SKOCZEK | oil and enamel on linen

Miranda is also one of my favoured instagramers, gah I mean let’s all fess up… who here, doesn’t have a girl – crush on this very talented and creative lady??


SOUL TRAVEL 2016 | BY MIRANDA SKOCZEK | oil, acrylic and enamel on linen

  I like that her insta feed can be interpreted like an art journal of sorts where she openly shares her current inspirations, revelations, muses and latest shoe crushes.


PHASES, CRAZY PATCHWORK 2016 | BY MIRANDA SKOCZEK | oil, acrylic and enamel on linen

It’s one of those instagram feeds that motivates and inspires therefore if you don’t already follow her, you should do so right here.


CRAZY QUILTING 2016 | BY MRANDA SKOCZEK | oil and acrylic on linen

Did I mention that she is a tad crazy about shoes? And the colour green!!

Rachael x