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Must-read magazines this month

Mags I’m Lovin



Thought I’d let you guys know which mags I’m finding a satisfying read this month – just in case you too might be wondering where to spend your pennies. Have you seen this month’s Renegade Collective? I only discovered this fabulous mag a few months ago and I am already a huge fan.

It’s a mighty fine read and you can discover all sorts of brave and inspirational folk from literally all walks of life. Some of these “go-getters” are making huge waves here and internationally – I do love a good success story, don’t you?? I love to hear about people having a red hot go at something they believe in or are passionate about.

Given this magazines broad appeal – I actually think my hubby would enjoy this mag too – it could be two happy peeps for the price of one. I particularly like that they shining the light on some fabulous bloggers – that are connecting to audiences far and wide, gaining a huge respect across many industries. They call them Super Bloggers apparently and I love it. Go you good and talented things! I also particularly enjoyed the very last page written by Editor-in-chief Lisa Messenger about finding a purpose – your calling – she shares her very own personal journey and wise words of wisdom. Its thoughtful, touching and worth a read.


I also really enjoyed InsideOut Magazine this month too. There is a great section on page 55 about decorating with plants inside. There are some gorgy products to facilitate indoor plant-loving from the bathroom to the bedroom. Love, love, love them all – seriously I do!


Do let me know if you too have found some exceptional reads this month and I will add them to this collection. Do have a smiley week!

Rach xx


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  1. Tracie says:

    Hi Rachael,

    Lovely blog! I am also really enjoying Renegade Collective. My staples are Real Living, Inside Out & Fete. I am also a Country Style fan (have been collecting it for years)and have been loving Tessa Kavanagh’s styling in the most recent issues.

    Tracie x

  2. Rachael says:

    Isnt it so good Tracie! Love hearing about such amazing people! Love all those you mentioned too, Fete press is beautiful. Always a fan of Country Style – must check out Tessa’s work more closely – am intrigued now. Xx

  3. Well I think you already know that I love Renegade Collective…. hehee. I am also loving the visual beauty of Fete mag. I am a bit of a magazine floozy. I am addicted. xxx

  4. I am a total magazine slut 🙂 I love both of the above and Frankie, fete, Home beautiful, Real Living, House & Garden, Country Style shall I go on? haha xx

  5. Lee Tran Lam says:

    Thanks for the lovely mention of our new issue! So glad to hear you are enjoying our March edition – the plants story, especially.

    • Rachael says:

      Hi Lee, So touched you popped by Hip Brown Home! It was a pleasure to mention InsideOut Magazine, always enjoy each issue however your March edition was particularly fabulous – indoor plants are such great fun. Rachael

  6. Lee Tran Lam says:

    PS We really loved your picture, so we had to add it to our Pinterest!

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