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My three star cushion award goes to….





So my beautiful boys have inadvertently helped me find “The Perfect Cushion / Cover”. And naturally I’m thinking… it’s probably high time that I shared this knowledge with you too! Let me begin by saying this is not a sponsored post.

 I have awarded a Hip Brown Home – 3 x star rating to the VIGDIS Cushion Cover by IKEA because I believe these cushion covers are a really great – buy and absolutely worthy of this post based on the following reasons;


  • They’re a well – made cushion cover with a classic style and textured finish.
  • They’re fare trade yet NOT AT ALL expensive to buy. In fact they are such a great price, we might actually keep it secret… Shh!
  •  They are made from Ramie, which is a natural fibre (also known as China Grass). FYI – Ramie behaves exactly like linen.
  • I believe they’re boy-proof childproof because they’re hard wearing, wash really well and are naturally bacteria- and mold-resistant.
  • And lastly they come in cute – colours and as seen above, they absolutely hold their own when paired with a more expensive cushion! I love that! We love that!!


I have them in natural, green and denim. And whilst it’s sounding like I own a thousand cushions, I actually have a bunch handy because I often need them for my clients and they do the job beautifully! 

I’l be looking forward to handing out more of these awards based on the above principles however if you happen to know about a great – buy (because they can be hard to find) do let me know… I’l be sure to investigate!

Rach x

4 Responses so far.

  1. I have never met a cushion I havent liked… and never have I been to IKEA and come home with ONLY a cushion haha xx

  2. I love cushions and would change them daily if I had the inclination and budget. Fair trade is a good call for the award. I never walk out of Ikea empty handed… Zoe xx

  3. Rachael says:

    IKEA is great, so forward thinking and so ready to shake up the mould about how things are done, designed and manufactured. We have much to learn from those swedes. Thanks Zoe xx

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