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My top 10 posts from Hip Brown Things


Thought it was time I gathered some of my most popular posts from Hip Brown Things over here on my new blog; I think it’s good to have a reminder of where ones journey started in order to focus on what you would like to achieve in the future…don’t you? Here is a mixture of my most popular posts and a couple of my favourites thrown in too.

I am super chuffed that my first ever blog post sitting at 5111 views (thank you Pinterest) still remains my most popular post Upcycle your flip flops… I believe it’s because people now days genuinely like to find thrifty ways to reduce waist, reuse, upcycle and maybe like a touch of whimsical fun too!

[gn_heading style=”1″]Make do and style[/gn_heading]


 I also did a series of posts based on the hash tag “Make do and Style”. They too were popular… if ever I had a styling mantra this hash tag would be it. In some ways it has helped me realise my own point of difference to other Styling entrepreneurs/ Home- staging businesses. I am very passionate about “Make do and Style” and I heart it in a huge way; I think it’s because I really appreciate simple lovely ways to decorate and believe these basic methods are available to everyone regardless of whether you own home, rent, live in a dormitory or even a nursing home… they can make you feel happy and a great deal more content/ engaged with your surroundings. There were some beautiful snaps tagged by a bunch of talented Instagramers; I was super chuffed they played along:

Make do and swoon

Make Do and Style the coastal thrifting way

Make do and style with your home finds

Make do and style this Christmas

[gn_heading style=”1″]My Favorite Post[/gn_heading]

The following post is my personal favourite because I do love simple glass- bottle styling and it was also just one of those posts that I found really easy to write. I was super chuffed when Pip Lincolne (Author : Editor of Meet me at Mikes : Frankie Contributor : Blogger : Mama : Crafty Peep) tweeted that she liked it; Bless her….she too is a fan of vintage bottles… Please dont tell her but I think I was a lil tweet struck but believe I managed to tweet a thankyou reply ;-0. 

Teal coloured ocean and beach thrifting

[gn_heading style=”1″]Crafty decor posts[/gn_heading]

Lastly, here are some super simple crafty/DIY decor posts that can easily lift a nook or room.

DIY Fisherman’s bottle

Upcycle your deckchair

Getting the look for less in your home

DIY Vertical Garden

Rachael xx



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