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I have some news to share with you today – I am the proud owner of my very own mantel shelves. These precious shelves will belong to me and no body else. Seriously speaking, you have no idea how happy these two white shelves are going to make me. Whenever I am craving some solace or me / zhooshing time – you will find me here at my mantel creating, re-decorating and still life-ing my little tail off.  


Baby bonus aside, imagine if “mantel shelves” were an optional gift to all women particularly all mothers of boy(s) needing pretty? Tell me, would you line up for yours?? Stylists and decor enthusiast’s would raise their hands however I reckon most women would find some enjoyment from them….


As a mum of two boys, there really is something about all that male- turbo energy that makes me want to surround myself with beautiful – calm things and I think if these mantel shelves will help me do that nicely! How do you stay connected to your feminine side? And does it ever involve you zhooshing or decorating your house?

Rachael x


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  1. Oh I would be lining up for sure. The funny thing is I have always stuck to neutral colours in our house because of the boy thing but this past 2 years I have gone nuts with colour!!! Looooove your styling hun xx

    • Rachael says:

      Yeah go nuts with colour. Love it Sonia! Funny thing is I have been rather conservative with colour too- think its more a spacial reason tho – it’s slowly changing tho. Have lovely day gorgeous lady! Xx

  2. Yvette says:

    Love love love your styling Rach.
    Hope to see you play 7 vigs this month.

    • Thanks so much Yvette. You know if I can find the time I would really like to play 7vignettes this time – have missed it of late. Looking forward to seeing your vignettes xx

  3. Tammy C. says:

    Love the staghorn fern!!

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