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Off finding our zen


I’m working from here today. I have one eye on the children and one here on my Ipad… So forgive me if you find any typo’s I am just making sure my munchkins don’t drown :). It is so beautiful here at Little Cove, maybe you know it?? It’s the beach right next to Noosa – a fav of mine. I think it’s a little slice of heaven but I think Australians are v lucky like that – our beaches are all a bit spesh, don’t you think??

Here is my week in pictures thus far… Hmm well I was going to show you more pics but it seems to be beyond my remote iPad / iPhone capabilities. Sorry, definitely thinkIng of you guys and will update this post when I return home.

Hope your all enjoying your last hurrah to Summer! Hope you all have a lovely, lovely Easter!

Rach xx



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