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Looking through my spam / emails this morning, this particular media – release for dip dyed wallpaper by “Murals Wallpaper” caught my eye. I’m a little smitten by the sense of calm and moodiness this wallpaper collection brings. The various depths of colour would also add spatial – dimension to any room and the pattern is a great way to add colour in a non – overpowering way.


Now, if we were chit chatting interior fashions over a cup of tea, one of us could easily note that the “Ombre Effect” has been popular for a good few years now. Whilst my own personal style is not  overly caught up in following “popular fashions” too religiously; I believe there is something timeless and classic about adding colour – tone in this particular method of shading. Maybe it’s also because the Ombre pattern loosely mimics that of the skyline / horizon, how I do like-y like it!


The Product Details are;

“The Murals” range is sold by Murals Wallpaper, they utilise modern digital printing techniques and capure the watercolour effects through HD photography. The prints are custom made for your wall dimensions and are simply hung using the good old fashioned wallpaper method.Orange-Web

The Wallpapers are available here at: Murals Wallpaper
All prints are custom-sized, made-to-order and are priced from $47.00 AU per square metre.


So so moody!


And so lovely!

Have you unearthed any gorgeous wall papers of late, are you smitten too? Tell me about it?

Rachael x


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