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Our Bathroom

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I’m sharing some snaps of our bathroom today. I finally found “The Mirror”, I was looking for… What do you think?? As you can see there are some very distinct rectangular shapes as far as windows and wall to wall shower screens go. I wanted a round shaped mirror to offset those shapes and to also tie in with the round shapes of our bathroom hardware.


I also wanted a wooden mirror to blend with the textured grain of our wall tiles and to earth this very modern bathroom of ours somewhat. We own a post-war home and I have always felt that if our bathroom was too ultra-modern looking it would not gel with the rest of our house. Wooden mirrors for the bathroom are kind of hard to find however I eventually found one and gave it a quick lick of white paint.


I have two more mini projects to do on this bathroom and then this project is finally complete – on the wish list are some silvery-white wood shelving in rectangle shapes. Squee I am quite excited about these and looking forward to showing you one day soon! I know, things take their merry old time around these parts… no, there are no fully completed bathroom, ensuite and hallway combinations around here but I’m ok with that because in reality I think sometimes the right decisions take time and little bit of research.


What’s new over at your place??

Rach xx


3 Responses so far.

  1. I love it Rach. It looks very clean and calming and so stylish at the same time. I have those tiles in my main bathroom at home, I love them. They add some interest to the space. Love you mirror too.
    Great job!

  2. Rachael says:

    Thanks Yvette, ha you have those tiles too?? Great minds think alike, yes love that they add extra texture to the walls. Super chuffed you like my mirror! Rach xx

  3. I Love the mirror, the tiles, the sink, I love the whole bathroom you clever gal xx