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Our Latest Renovation on Our Home

It’s such a joy to report that our renovation is almost complete; we’ve more splash back tiling, grout and painting to do throughout the house. A few minor finishing touches still need to be applied and some beaut designs / sourcing to do. My brief “to self” for our kitchen was for it to speak to the rest of our home. And I can report that it’s now chit chatting away.

We’ve had a great local Samford team working on this renovation; Steve Walsh is a renowned Samford builder and project manager. Josh Teed from Josh Teed Cabinets was our kitchen designer, his methodical approach was exactly what was needed for this tricky kitchen; it was architecturally designed in the late 90’s and there were a few unusual angles and challenges to overcome. Naturally I did my own Interior Styling and the bespoke cabinetry handles and shelves were crafted by another local business Smith and Gray; they do amazing custom – made furniture designs and are located on the very top of Wights Mountain. I adore their beautiful designs and I absolutely love to visit their workshop. Supporting local business definitely has its rewards in spades and I also love the talent than can be found here in Samford.

Looking back over our previous renovations, I cannot stress how important it is to find good craftsmanship. It can be the difference between a stressful build and one that it is not. Good craftsmanship brings peace of mind and it allows the project to flow in a non stressful manner. I also think this bears weight on getting that important attention to detail that every home owner wants to see and appreciate.

I’m looking forward to posting more complete pics of my home soon but having said that I’m actually in no rush… I do believe that it’s important to take your time with creating a home; I’m all about allowing things to settle so that those magical and intuitive opportunities with styling my home won’t be missed. I’m defintely content with enjoying the latest progress on our home and embracing the imperfect for now.


5 Responses so far.

  1. Susan says:

    Hi Rachael, your kitchen is almost done! Seeing it bare like that drives my imagination wild on what accessories and decorations to put in there. haha I’m looking forward to see your design for your kitchen, it’s exciting.

  2. Mark Rogers says:

    I like your kitchen, so white and clean. I agree with you on this “Good craftsmanship brings peace of mind and it allows the project to flow in a non stressful manner.” Thanks for sharing with us.

  3. Thanks Susan. We’re enjoying the beauty it has brought to our home!

  4. Yes, good workers bring peace of mind.

  5. Looking great! Love the white theme which makes the space look larger.