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I had a hunch that you might be feeling a little crafty today- so I thought I would create a tutorial to make “pineapple bunting”. I’m thinking it would be a fun one to do especially for a tropical crafternoon session or even for the silly season ahead of us. It’s a rather easy tutorial to do so please don’t feel that you need to possess any major crafting skills to achieve this – it really is one of those projects that you can make as simply or as detailed as you wish. 


  • Balsa Wood.
  • Cutting Mat.
  • Stanley Knife.
  • A pineapple – you can print my Pineapple design here.
  • Painters tape – strong hold.
  • Paints – I used oil paints on my bunting purely because they are my fav’s. I also find the colour tones and clarity so beautifully addictive but you can totally use acrylics or even ink pens. * FYI – My oil paints did not take too long to dry as I used the paint very sparingly and applied it using my finger tips.
  • 1.5 / 2 metres of ribbon to connect / hang your pineapples * You may need to buy more ribbon if you plan on making an extra long string. And lastly
  •  an Embroidery / Knitting Needle.


  • Print out the pineapple design / pdf above – using scissors cut around your preferred size.
  • Prepare your mat and crafting station with all of the requirements listed above.
  • Using your cutting mat, place your pineapple over your balsa wood and lightly trace around the design with your knife blade. 


  • Remove the pineapple design and continue to cut around the shape more deeply. * It is best to always work your knife in a downwards direction so that you have more control over your Stanley knife – swivel the pineapple shape around until you have completely cut out your design.2014-10-015
  • Cut out 8 or more pineapples depending on the length you want your bunting to be.

[su_heading]Painting your Pineapples[/su_heading]

  • Choose a colour palate or mood for your bunting design – pick at least three tones that work a little colour- magic together. Perhaps your palate could be based on nature, your favourite colours or a scheme that you’ve already established at your home already??  * If you’re needing inspiration – I painted my pineapples in teal, tangerine and variations of yellow tones.
  • Using your Painters tape – create /isolate some shapes to be painted * I used shapes based – loosely on the triangle.2014-10-15 10.58.52
  •  Lastly paint your pineapple tops.

[su_heading]Threading your Pineapples[/su_heading]

  • Using an embroidery / knitting needle make two holes on each pineapple just below your pineapple – top.2014-10-15 11.32.34-002
  • Tape one end of your ribbon tightly and feed it up and down through each hole.
  • You can also use a second ribbon a little further down the length of your pineapple – I simply used spray – glue to attach my second ribbon to the back’s of my pineapples.
  • You can hang your Pineapple bunting vertically or horizontally in any space. * I think it would look super great layered over windows/ curtains, on a mantle or part of a wall vignette.

Do hope you enjoy making your Tropo – Pineapples!
Rachael x

9 Responses so far.

  1. Deborah Brandon says:

    So good, your so super clever Rach and this is so fun

  2. Rachael says:

    Thanks Deb – so glad you liked lovely! Wanted it to be a easy yet fun one! Xx

  3. Oh Rach – my heart is doing little flip flops right now…. actually that’s a lie, it is thumpalumping. I freaking LOVE these hun. Sharing on Facebook now you clever gal! xx

  4. ReelFocus says:

    Super cool artwork. 🙂

  5. Bec says:

    This is so rad! L O V E it 🙂

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